International Sim Cards

International Sim Cards For Travellers

The Travel Easy international sim card comes with data roaming included in every country and works on all smartphones (including iPhones). You can order it online and it will be delivered to your home address or sent directly to your smartphone. eSIMs offer better value for money than local prepaid travel SIM cards. They are easy to buy online and to install.

Data Roaming

When it comes to international data roaming, eSIMs can save you up to 85% on calls, texts and data charges in 100+ countries. They work just like a regular SIM but without the tiny card to lose and you can add credit through your eSIM app. Skip the queues of local prepaid Travel sim cards when you arrive in your travel destination and buy an eSIM online before you fly. Then you can connect instantly and start browsing the internet or chatting with loved ones.

All the top eSIM providers offer a range of affordable international plans, including combo bundles that cover you for calls, data and texts, in destinations like Europe, Asia and Australia. The best part? There’s no need to swap out your existing SIM – the eSIM will automatically install and you can manage everything through an easy-to-use app. Plus, there are no extra charges for using a global plan and you’ll be able to keep your home phone number.


If you need to make or receive phone calls, eSIM cards can provide great value. Some offer a flat rate for calls in the countries you’re visiting, while others include free incoming and outgoing calls as part of your plan. Most eSIM cards offer easy-to-use apps for managing and topping up your plans. The app allows you to check your usage and data balance, and you can also choose the type of call quality you want for your plan (i.e., low, standard, or high).

The best eSIMs for international travel are those that offer regional and global data plans. Nomad and Airalo, for example, have great regional plans. They also offer plans for individual countries, which is helpful if you’re traveling to a small number of destinations. If you’re a Digital Nomad, you’ll want an eSIM card that lets you easily switch between regions or countries as you travel around the world. Many of these cards also give you a UK or US number so that you can keep the same contact numbers when you move between countries.


If you are planning on travelling to a different country, purchasing a local prepaid SIM in the host country may be necessary for data and call/text access. This can be a hassle, especially in countries where the language is not widely spoken, but with eSIMs you can bypass this process completely. The eSIMs can be purchased in advance online and simply need to be added to your device before or as soon as you arrive at the destination. This can be done through a website or mobile app and takes only a couple of minutes over a WiFi connection.

There are plans to cover every continent and location, with options that include European eSIM, an African eSIM and even global eSIMs for travelers visiting 190+ countries. The International eSim can also be used for tethering, allowing you to connect other devices to your phone. Just be sure to have enough data for this as well. Travel Easy offers a range of data packages, from $9 for 1GB to as much as 365 days worth of data.

Value For Money

International sim cards for travelers offer a number of benefits that can save customers money. These include the ability to avoid roaming charges by purchasing a local prepaid sim card on arrival at their destination. They also provide a range of data packages to suit all travel needs and budgets. OneSimCard, for example, offers a universal SIM with 5 GB of data that works in more than 140 countries. The company also has regional plans that cover the Caribbean and Africa. Alternatively, Travel Easy is a popular choice amongst many travellers and boasts plans in 200 countries and regions. This is mainly due to the great deals the company has made with local telco providers.

Moreover, this provider offers some of the best deals on calls and texts in some destinations, making it a great option for those looking to get the most value for their money. This is especially true if the user will be using their phone for work purposes.


Travel Easy has 6 new global eSIM packages for Data/Calls/Text included. They are easy to buy, activate digitally in the Travel Easy app or website and use while traveling abroad. They also have regional plans for Asia, Europe, Latin America and Africa. A big plus is that they are 5 G-ready in many countries.

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