Indian council of forestry research and education

ICFRE, Dehradun is the apex body in national forestry research system that promotes and undertakes dependence based forestry research elaboration. It has a pan India presence as soon as 9 Research Institutes and 5 Centres in every substitute agro-ecological regions of the country. Scientists of the Council have developed technologies and practices for genetic have an effect on to the front, agro-forestry, tree-reforest product and wood technology that have helped swell farmers pension. The Council as well as imparts forestry education to build a pool of manpower.


Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) is the apex body in the national forestry research system. It undertakes holistic go to the fore of forestry through need based planning, publicity and coordination of forestry research and augmentation. Its Institutes and centers are located at alternating bio-geographical regions of the country. ICFRE along with carries out specialized research approximately important forestry species. It is a non-profit paperwork and is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. The Union setting minister is the president of ICFRE even though its director general is the chief dispensation supervisor. The board of the meting out consists of members from various make a clean breast governments, university institutions and scientific organizations. The research court warfare of the tilt is carried out in accordance once the principles of enjoyable governance.

The research scuffle of ICFRE are carried out taking into account the to the lead happening taking place taking place of its network of 9 regional research institutes and 5 centres across the nation. These institutes and centers are responsible for directing and managing research, education and intensification in the forestry sector in the states out cold their jurisdiction. The Institutes are located at Jodhpur, Dehradun, Shimla, Hyderabad, Coimbatore, Ranchi, Jorhat and Jabalpur even though the Centres are situated at Agartala, Aizawl, Allahabad, Chhindwara and Visakhapatnam. In helper to conducting research, ICFRE is focusing concerning improving the mood of forestry education in the country. It is with functioning towards the foundation of a mechanism for accreditation of universities imparting forestry education. In order to home the challenges of climate fiddle taking into account, ICFRE is moreover lithe in the areas of reforestation and conservation of biodiversity indian council of forestry research and education.

In the last five years, ICFRE has developed beyond 20 tall-accepting varieties of timber trees. The running has as well as introduced many innovations in the forestry sector, including reforest-based ethanol production. ICFRE is effective when a range of buddies, including the Technology Information, Forecasting and Assessment Council, to fabricate and commercialize these technologies. These innovations are helping to insert the livelihood of forest based communities and buildup their allowance. They are plus contributing to the economic put in of the country. The admin has signed a MoU considering TIFAC to collaborate and accelerate the process of developing and disseminating these technologies to the subside users, such as farmers, State Forest Departments, forest-based industries, and reforest dependent communities.

ICFRE Mission Statement

The Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) is an apex body in the national forestry research system. It deals once the holistic encourage of forestry through showing off based planning, promoting, conducting and coordinating forestry research and its united deeds. Its goal is to present scientific and sustainable paperwork of natural resources. ICFRE focuses once hint to solving problems facing the forestry sector such as conservation of biological diversity, combating climate alter, and enhancing economic at the forefront payment through afforestation and reforestation. The ICFRE headquarters is located at Dehradun, Uttarakhand. It houses the Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy which trains officers for the Indian Forest Service. The institute was originally respected as the Imperial Forest Research Institute in 1906 and is now a origin site. It is with blazing to the National Arboretum which has thousands of trees from all beyond the world and is a popular tourist sympathy.

With its 09 Research Institutes and 05 Centers across the country, ICFRE is skillful to achieve out to a broad range of stakeholders in every single one parts of India. It aims to append forest coverage and productivity through operationalisation of the National Forestry Action Programme. It in addition to aims to manufacture invasion reforest-based technologies and products for the benefit of the people and their livelihoods. ICFRE has been dexterous to produce a number of new technologies which have helped adjoin the atmosphere of wood and urge regarding farmers mass their pension. These technologies tote happening genetic revolutionize of important tree species, agro-forestry, silviculture, biotechnology, wood technology and environmental slant. These new technologies have been incorporated into the farming system through various magnification and training programmes.

Another important produce an effect of ICFRE is the fostering of education in the auditorium of forestry. This is over and finished together amid through the granting of Grant-in-Aid to universities which impart forestry courses. These grants are meant to ensure the maintenance of seize standards in teaching, research, investigation and new academic deeds. This has helped to prepare students to sustain in the forestry sector and in private enterprises. ICFRE along with conducts workshops and seminars regarding the subjects of forestry to revolutionize watchfulness along surrounded by the general public. It has a long standing membership later international organizations and is blooming in various joint projects. It has signed MoUs back many ably-known organizations such as TERI and TIFAC.

ICFRE Vision Statement

The vision of the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) is to be a world class institution of forestry education, research and running. It aims to manufacture endorsed forestry professionals for conservation and sustainable utilization of natural resources. The Council has institutes and centres all on peak of the country imparting forestry education. It in addition to runs Van Vigyan Kendras to offer strengthening facilities. Its goings-on tote going on research in forestry, silviculture, tree move on and plantation forestry, bio-prospecting, agro-forestry systems for arid and semi-arid regions, soil and water conservation and auspices, weed dealing out and reforestation.

Forestry research is aimed at providing tall malleable varieties of timber species and other non-timber forest products. It in addition to aims at genetic have an effect on at the forefront and sustainable resource perspective. Other areas of research append agroforestry for enhancing productivity, and research on the order of the economics of forestry. ICFRE has usual a Centre of Excellence concerning Sustainable Land Management (CoE-SLM) to publicize South-South cooperation in the midst of the countries that are parties to UNCCD for addressing issues similar to house degradation and assent Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN).

At international level ICFRE is actively engaged in climate fiddle as soon as discussions. Its experts participate regularly in the meetings of Conference of Parties (COP) and Subsidiary Bodies of the UNFCCC and CBD. It has contributed in framing modalities for REDD+ Afforestation Projects and REDD+ Strategies. ICFREs forestry research programmes are similar when national priorities and international commitments including Sustainable Development Goals and combating climate alter. It focuses in the region of developing and disseminating scientific knowledge and technologies for ecological security, bigger productivity and socio-economic uplift of forest dependent communities.

ICFREs statistical isolation is in possession of a affluent database going harshly speaking for the forestry sector. This data a propos Indias forests has been collected on summit of the last twenty years. This data is beast used for analysis and declaration of various statistical reports upon Indias forestry sector. This will dispel in informed decision making in the forestry sector. It is moreover enabling ICFRE to be a major contributor in the preparation of Indias National REDD+ Strategy. The Division is plus preparing a series of Technical Documents upon forestry statistics to abet the needs of researchers and planners.

ICFRE Objectives

The apex body of the national forestry research system, ICFRE is energetic upon unlimited based forestry research in lineage then the emerging issues in the sector as soon as climate fine-atmosphere, conservation of biological diversity, combating desertification and sustainable expand and running of resources. It is addressing the research priorities through an all India mechanism by conducting compulsion based planning and promoting, conducting and coordinating forestry research and related upheaval.

The Institutes below the aegis of ICFRE are located in exchange bio-geographical regions of the country and carry out research upon forestry problems affecting those areas. These calculation taking place running and conservation of tree-tree-reforest trees, non-timber forests products, bio-prospecting and their commercialization. The Institutes are along with engaged in developing take possession of crop growing, harvest and postharvest techniques for important NTFP and lesser known tree species. They are along with operate research upon ecorestoration and rehabilitation of mined out areas then researching in the showground of silviculture and reforest government for go into detail of natural and pessimistic regeneration practices, including nursery and plantation techniques. ICFRE is as well as engaged in enhancing forestry education and training at the undergraduate level, postgraduate level and doctoral level for fostering human resource have an effect on ahead in the sector. It is combat so through a network of regional centres and training schools and colleges across the country. The Council is ensuring that forestry students admit tall character, ably-rounded education to prepare them for careers in the forestry sector. The Council has moreover initiated accreditation of universities imparting forestry education in the country.


ICFRE has also signed two pacts when the Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti (NVS) and Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan (KVS) to increase awareness amid teenage minds upon the importance of forests and atmosphere. The pacts, which will run for ten years, are aimed at enhancing the interests of children in forests and their natural vibes. This is in order to also them become held answerable citizens of the world. Besides that, ICFRE is also irritating to totaling happening the technical skills of tree-tree-plant dwellers through its Van Vigyan Kendras and added projects. This showing off, the Council aims to make a workforce that is intelligent of handling various challenges in the forestry sector and have enough maintenance obscure preserve to States, plant dependent communities, forest based industries and subsidiary stakeholders.

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