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Important Tips for Remarkable Instagram Stories

Instagram stories have approximately 500 million daily active users. This means that at least half of Instagram users use and view stories every day.

If you still do not use Instagram stories when it is such intense use, this article may persuade you to change your mind. If you’re ready, we’re starting to share tips. or if your permanent user of Instagram and want to boost your social media presence, then it will be helpful to Buy instagram followers malaysia.

Pay Attention to the Dimensions.

As in every social media, the Instagram story feature has its own unique dimension. It must be 1080×1920 in size, but within the safe area, in order for the full-screen view to be presented.You need to leave ideal gaps in the lower and upper areas. and bottom.

Use Your Brand Colors and Font.

Positioning everything you design with your brand will make you more memorable. For example, using your own brand color, font, and more makes it easier for users to recognize you when navigating stories. So people can recognize you even without seeing your username or logo.

Utilize Instagram Stories Own Plugins.

Apart from a professional design tool, you can also design a stylish story with the tools provided by Instagram itself.

Create mod option, GIF, boomerang, different free fonts, colors etc. It is possible to create your own unique story by using features such as: You can add shadows to texts or emphasize words that are important to you by using different fonts that Instagram offers. You can make this more fun by adding GIFs.

You can increase the interaction with your target audience by using the survey and question-answer feature and personalize your stories with the 12-second fast clip feature by using the boomerang feature.

You can use any photo to give it a background, if possible, you can use the swipe up feature to direct users to the web page you want. The Swipe Up feature is only available for accounts with 10,000 or more followers, but don’t let this upset you, you 😊can include GIFs or text messages to direct users to your profile in Story.

Instagram most important social media platform but now these days TikTok is also the most commonly use social media platform with over 1.1 billion users worldwide. if you are a user of TikTok or want to boost your social media presence, then you can Buy tiktok views malaysia.

In addition, by adding relevant hashtags to your stories, you can make this hashtag appear to the people who follow it, and you can get more interaction by using the location feature. Don’t forget the AR effect filters too😊

You can create your own filters or GIFs on Instagram. By presenting your filters or GIFs to your followers, you can increase your interaction with your brand awareness.

Highlight Your Instagram Stories.

Since Instagram stories are deleted after 24 hours, pin them to your profile with “Highlight “.

Users who come to your profile later will definitely interact with the stories they find interesting. You can also design a stylish cover for your highlights and create integrity with your brand.

Only the first five of the featured stories appear on the profile. So make sure that the things that are important to you are in the first place. For example, if your blog posts are important to you, pin these stories to your profile, make them interesting by designing a cover for the highlights, and make sure that they are in the top five. Because users may not look beyond the top five, and for this, you need to arouse curiosity.


Why is the vertical version important?

When you shoot a professional product to promote your products, horizontal shots may not be effective for story size. Most likely, the products will appear cut in the vertical version. That’s why it’s so important to think vertically. these factors affect your stories. moreover, if you want to promote your products on different social media presence like Facebook TikTok etc. but TikTok is effectively used social media platform, and if you want to show your products to thousands of people then, buy tiktok followers malaysia

In addition, a visually stylish and striking story will definitely attract the attention of the user and may even make them visit your profile and even follow it. If you can’t think of a professional design, use templates. You can also show your service/product variety to your users with dynamic videos.

Mention Other Accounts, Collaborate.

Internet usage is very intense today and it is a blessing that cannot be ignored for brands. Especially collaborating for your brand, working with influencers, tagging other accounts to your stories or sharing what they are talking about in your own story is a great way to interact with your community.

Collaborating with others helps you increase your brand awareness and credibility. You ask why? Because according to Facebook, 31% of people buy (or head to the store to buy) a product/service just because they saw it in Stories for the first time.

Show Pieces of Yourself.

Whether you have a business account or not, users will always be sincere to see pieces of you. For example, share a photo taken by the team or your contribution to a charity project with your followers. It also shows how much you value the things that matter. Also, your followers may sometimes wonder about the faces that work behind a brand.😊

Apart from all these important points, of course, there is something everyone wants on Instagram; Taking part in Discover 😊for Brands often means an increase in reach and engagement. Because the algorithm exposes your content to new, interested eyes.

So, How Do You Increase the Chances of Your Stories Published There?

Instagram says its biggest ranking signal is interesting. A user is more likely to see Stories similar to those from accounts they already follow. However, things you can do to increase your chances include:

Posting videos (they’ll get more attention because they play automatically in Discover, but a good photo will do better than a mediocre video).

Posting high-visibility stories that don’t contain too much text.

Posting stories that represent your brand’s visual identity.

On the other hand, Instagram said Stories that you repost from other users (not a bad trick for increasing your post volume and building relationships) get less coverage in Explore.

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