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How Your Home Benefits From Screen Enclosure

While there’s no denying the pleasures of being outside in your backyard and enjoying grass beneath your feet and the sky above, there should also be a place to kick back and relax that’s a bit less exposed to nature. Screen enclosures have a lot to offer homeowners who desire something more than an open porch or patio overhang. The benefits of a high-quality, well-built enclosed patio — whether it be an updated porch or a totally new addition — go far beyond having more room for lounging and entertaining. Here are some of the top benefits of screen enclosures.

Enclosed Patios And Porches Keep Your Pets Safe

A screened in patio can be the ideal solution for people who have indoor dogs but want to introduce them to the great outdoors. Pets kept indoors typically live longer than those who are allowed to wander free outside. That’s because while your pet goes outside, it may come into contact with other animals and wildlife that could be disease-bearers. Pets can experience some of the outdoors while being safe if you keep them inside but permit them free access to the enclosed porch or patio.

Provides Protection From The Sun

The UV rays of the sun are significantly reduced by enclosed patios. While the sun will undoubtedly be out, you won’t need to reapply sunscreen every 30 minutes. This will shield your skin from the sun’s harmful rays and reduce your risk of sunburn and other serious health problems. You’ll be happier and healthier while spending time in the warm sunshine.

Screen Rooms Provide An Outdoor Setting That Is Truly Bug And Pest-Free

The bug issue typically puts an end to most people’s enjoyment of the outdoors. When flies sit at your dinner table, eating outside might be a pain and mosquitoes add up to it. They’re not just a pain; they’re also harmful. You can once again enjoy the outdoors in safety and complete bug-freeness with a screen enclosure.

Adds Style To Your Home

You may add style to your home and backyard with a screened in patio that has a fairly interesting appearance. There are various options available to pick from, and most installation businesses have their own set of engineers and designers to construct something unique and exceptional, tailored to each homeowner’s personal taste. To top it off, you can even select a beautiful wall painting or decorative embellishments. For the entire enclosure’s border, you can also add waterfalls, palm trees, or extremely lifelike chair railings.


Increase The Value Of Your Property

The addition of a screen enclosure will raise the market value of your property because they are a very popular home improvement. In fact, of all home renovation projects, a screen room has one of the highest returns on investment (ROI). You can anticipate a return rate of 84%. That offers a higher return on investment than new doors, siding, or luxurious kitchen and bathroom renovations.

It’s More Affordable Compared To Sunrooms

A screen room is far less expensive than a sunroom or whole room expansion. The HVAC system doesn’t need to be expanded over its current capabilities because it isn’t completely climate-controlled. The most economical option to add a screen room is to retrofit an existing porch or patio, but even freshly constructed buildings can be inexpensive. Floor fans and portable heaters are sufficient to maintain a pleasant temperature.

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