How to wear a beret?

The beret has been the fashion accessory of choice for several years and is still as stylish as ever. A beret is a distinctive headwear often associated with French culture, politics, or military history.

A beret is a small felt hat traditionally worn by men and sometimes women in France and other parts of Western Europe.

A beret is a classic fashion accessory worn by men and women alike. It’s often worn with a fedora hat or a flat cap, and it’s a great way to add some panache to your look. 

A beret can also be worn as a headpiece or a hat, or it can be worn as an accessory to your outfit. Some celebrities have been known to sport a beret. You may have seen a man wearing a rori fashion beret in the street or on television.

You know, I love berets. I love wearing them, and I even love giving them to people. But I’ve always felt like they were kind of a one-trick pony. They’re great for keeping your head warm in cold weather but don’t do much else. Well, that’s not true anymore! You’ll see that beret can be worn in very cool and creative ways and can be used to keep your head warm in the summer too!

  • In this article, I’m going to show you how to wear a beret in a variety of different ways. 
  • To wear a beret, you must first decide what type to wear.

The two main types of berets are the flat beret and the rounded beret. There are also some other types of berets such as the “couvrechef” and the “chapeau.”


After deciding which type of beret you want to wear, you must choose how to wear it. There are two main ways to wear a beret: the flat beret and the rounded beret.

Flat beret:

The flat beret is worn with a cap. A beret with a cap is called a “chapeau.” The flat beret is the most common type of beret.

Rounded beret:

The rounded beret is worn with a cap. A beret with a cap is called a “couvrechef.”

You can wear a beret in any way that you want. You can wear it on the left side or the right side. You can wear it on your back or your head. You can wear it on your head’s front, back, or sides. You can wear it in any position.

  • Wear it properly

It is the most important thing that you should wear a beret properly and in a way that it looks perfect on your head.


You should have the right length of hair that is not too long and not too short because it is the first thing that will make you look funny and unprofessional.

Next, you should make a proper knot on your hair.

  • Don’t use a hair dryer.

Many people try to make their hair dryer to make the beret look better and more attractive, but it is the wrong approach. You should make your hair wet before tying the beret. It will make your hair soft and shiny.

  • Use the right size

If you plan to buy a beret, you should ensure that the size of the beret is perfect for your head.

If you have a small head, then you should not buy a beret that is too big.

  • Try to wear it in a suit.

If you are wearing a beret with a suit, it will look more attractive.

History of a Beret

It is said that a beret is the most comfortable and stylish headwear for women. It is a hat, and girls wear it for protection from sun rays.

The French soldiers used berets, and they were used by the Indian warriors too. Women wore it during wartime and worn by British women in the 19th century.

The history of the béret is very old. But the most popular bérets are those which British women wore. The British army mostly used it, made of fur, wool, and cotton.

Let’s see how this hat evolved and why it became so famous.

How did the beret come into existence?

Soldiers wore them in the 17th century, and they were called the ‘bouffant hats.’ The beret was named after the word ‘Berte.’ It is said that the French soldiers used the beret during the war.

But the most popular beret is the one which British women wore. It was made of fur, and it was fashionable to wear it.

Why did the British women wear the beret?

As the war started, the British women needed something to protect themselves from the sun. And it was just the béret that they chose. They didn’t use any other hats and they loved it.

The beret became famous and it became the fashion of the time.

How did the béret become famous?

It was worn by the British Queen and became a British army symbol. The British Queen wore it even at the coronation ceremony.

What kind of material was used to make the beret?

The beret was made of fur, and it was made of wool, and cotton.

7 Simple Tips To Make A Beret Stylish

Beret is the traditional headgear worn by women in the past centuries. The berry-shaped hat is worn by women looking for a fashionable way to wear their hair.

The berry shape of the hat is very popular among women, and it has a lovely look on the face. There are several ways to style a beret. The most important thing you should remember while styling a beret is that the hat should look great and stylish.

  • Here are the best 7 tips to style a beret.
  1. The berry shape of the hat makes it look very beautiful. You can keep the berry shape of the hat by making a small bun on the top of your head.
  2. Try to make the berry shape of the hat more attractive by adding a cute bow or flower.
  3. If you want to make your berry shape more attractive, you can add a flower in the middle.
  4. Add a flower at the back of the hat and try to keep it small.
  5. If you want to keep the hat clean, use a bandana.
  6. You can also keep a flower in the center of the berry shape.
  7. You can also keep the berry shape of the hat with a flower in the center.


I hope you liked this post. If you want to wear a beret, follow the tips mentioned above, and you will look good.

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