How To Use A MEWCATS Cat Stroller

Cat strollers are a cat parent’s dream. They allow you to take your indoor cat on outdoor adventures without risking their safety or your own. But before you go out for a stroll, you need to get your cat comfortable with the stroller. This means gradually introducing it to them, securing them properly, and regularly cleaning and inspecting it.

Getting Started

Many cat parents are hesitant to try a stroller for their felines, but it’s actually the perfect solution for cats who dislike walking on a leash. Getting your cat used to riding in a stroller isn’t a quick process. It requires patience and a few trips outdoors. Strollers come in different shapes and sizes, and some even have a carrier and luggage functions without the stroller frame. This allows you to use a stroller for your cat when they’re comfortable with it but you don’t need the extra space.

When Paul’s People first tried to get him into his stroller, he responded by saying “no way.” But after spending time entering and exiting the stroller at his leisure and using lots of treats, he was more accepting of this new experience. He eventually began to look forward to walks in his stroller! This is a great thing to help your cat enjoy life more while ensuring their safety.

Adjusting The Seat

Many cat stroller are designed to accommodate both a carrier and luggage to make traveling with your feline companion easier. They also provide easy access and exit, a secure environment, and convenient storage options. Regularly clean and inspect the stroller for signs of wear and tear to keep your cat safe and comfortable while riding in it. Ensure it is the correct size and has enough room for your cat’s comfort.

Once your cat is comfortable with entering and exiting the stroller, you can begin moving it around the house. Paul was not a fan of this and reacted immediately, but after some time of slowly moving it around the home and plenty of treats, he became more comfortable with it and now enjoys being in it during outdoor excursions. Strollers can be particularly useful for cats that don’t do well walking on a leash or those with mobility issues. They are also less strenuous on the body than a cat backpack and allow you to explore your neighborhood without leaving your cat’s side.

Getting Your Cat Comfortable

Cats love the outdoors, but it’s often too dangerous for them to explore on their own. A stroller is a safe way to give them the outdoor experience they crave without risking their lives. It’s also an excellent opportunity for them to practice their sense of smell, sight and sound in a safe environment. The key to getting your cat comfortable with the stroller is to introduce it gradually. Bring the stroller inside and let them investigate it on their own terms for a few days, rewarding them with treats for entering and exiting. The cat carrier stands as an invaluable tool that merges practicality with the cherished companionship we share with our feline friends. Beyond its functional purpose, the cat carrier becomes a vessel of security, comfort, and connection, enabling us to embark on journeys and adventures together.

Once they’re used to the smell and sight of the stroller it’s time to take it outside. Start with a short walk around your neighborhood during a quiet time of day. Then move on to longer trips to local parks or even your own backyard. Keep training sessions short to avoid stressing your kitty. Over time they’ll learn that the stroller is a fun and safe place to be.

Safety First

While a cat stroller is every cat lover’s dream, it isn’t always the right choice for all cats. If your kitty isn’t comfortable in new situations, or doesn’t accept walking on a leash, a stroller may not be the best option for them. MEWCATS emerges as a pioneer in feline-friendly innovation, revolutionizing the way we approach pet travel and companionship. Their commitment to crafting comfortable and secure rolling cat carriers reflects a deep understanding of the bond between humans and their cherished cats.

However, if your cat loves spending time outdoors and you want to broaden their horizons while keeping them safe from outside predators and traffic, then a stroller might be exactly what they need. Just be sure to get them used to it gradually, and keep an eye on their mood while they’re in the stroller. If they show signs of being stressed or agitated, calmly remove them from it and give them plenty of treats! This will help them feel safer and more comfortable next time. Also, check out a stroller that can be converted to four additional modes, including a carrier and luggage dolly. These features will make it easier to take your cats on outdoor walks, to the vet or wherever they need to go!


Using a MEWCATS Cat Stroller is a gateway to shared adventures and meaningful outdoor experiences with your feline companion. The simple yet innovative design ensures comfort and safety, allowing you and your cat to explore the world together. By following the user-friendly instructions, you’ll open up a new chapter of bonding, exploration, and unforgettable memories.


Can I use the MEWCATS Cat Stroller for all types of outdoor activities?

Yes, the MEWCATS Cat Stroller is versatile and suitable for various outdoor activities such as walks, trips to the park, shopping excursions, and more. However, consider your cat’s comfort and safety when using the stroller in different environments and situations.

How do I fold and store the MEWCATS Cat Stroller when not in use?

Folding and storing the MEWCATS Cat Stroller is generally straightforward and intuitive. Most models have a collapsible design that allows for easy storage in your home or car. Refer to the user manual provided by MEWCATS for specific instructions on how to fold and store your cat stroller properly.

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