How To Masturbate For Women

Masturbation is a healthy and pleasurable activity that can enhance sexual intimacy with a partner. However, it can also be a way for women to experience pleasure on their own.

For cis women, it’s a good idea to start with your clitoris (or your G-spot, as some people call it). This can help you orgasm and feel good about yourself.

  1. Start With The Clitoris.

Women’s clitorises, called clits (or pussies) for short, are packed with thousands of nerve endings. It’s no wonder that women of all ages often get orgasms by stimulating their clits during masturbation.

The clit is a pearl-sized organ that hangs down from the top of your labia minora, or inner lips of the vulva. You can find it by separating your outer lips and running your fingers along the inside of your inner lip area. There’s a flap of skin at the top where the two inner lips connect—that’s your clitoral hood. You can also massage the clitoral hood with your fingertips or a sex toy. If you’re more confident, try stroking it directly with your fingers.

If you’re a beginner, a direct touch can be a little too much, so start by massaging the surrounding area. Getting yourself turned on can help too—your whole body swells when you’re aroused, so you may notice your clit getting bigger and harder during this time. Besides arousal, lubrication can be a huge pleasure booster. Try licking your fingers and then running them on the clitoral hood, or using a sex toy with a lubricant.

Just like experimenting with different positions during sexual intercourse with a partner can change the way you feel, changing your stance while masturbating can have an impact on your experience too. For instance, while most women lay down on their backs when they how to masturbate for women, try straddling yourself or kneeling to activate your core and pull your pelvic area tighter, which can make sensations in the clit and vagina feel stronger. Remember, though, that expert advice won’t necessarily work for everyone—you’re the only one who knows what feels good for your body.

  1. Move To The Vulva.

Women’s clitoris and labia lips are part of the vulva, which also includes the external openings of the urethra and vagina (the introitus). The clitoral body branches off into two “legs” called the vestibular bulbs. These straddle the urethra and vaginal canal, as well as splay out around the labia and toward the anus, causing them to swell when you’re turned on.

Your clitoral hood has 8000 nerve endings and is very sensitive, especially when you’re aroused. It’s a pleasure zone that can trigger orgasms, just like the head and base of the penis. Stimulating the clitoral hood is not only enjoyable but also useful, since it helps relieve the pain of vulvodynia, which can be caused by masturbation or certain sexual activities.

Some women enjoy stroking their clitoral hoods with their fingers, but it’s more fun to use vibrators and other erogenous toys. You can also try “tribbing,” a technique in which you rub your hands over your clitoral hood and clit. This is often done during girl-on-girl sex, but it can also be fun for solo play. Just make sure your hands are really lubed to avoid slipping and accidentally touching the urethra or vaginal canal.

While a lot of porn shows depict women masturbating with their legs splayed and backs arched, these positions aren’t necessarily the most comfortable for most women. If you’re masturbating with a partner, it’s fine to try these positions, but remember that your pleasure is all about what feels good for you. You can also explore different erogenous zones on your own, such as the nipples or ears. Just be careful not to irritate the skin, which can lead to painful sores.

  1. Move To The Nipples.

Nipples are sensitive erogenous zones that can trigger orgasms on their own, and research shows that stimulating the nipples activates the same areas of the brain as does stimulation of the clitoris or vagina. For nipple play, start with gentle massages to stimulate the blood flow, and then experiment with different techniques. For example, pinching the nipples can give you pleasure, as can stroking them with your hands or lips. You can also try rubbing your nipples together or applying pressure to them to increase the intensity of the sensation. If you’re masturbating alone, you can do all of this with your own nipples, or with a partner’s. Just be sure to always ask for consent and make clear what you’re doing to ensure both parties are comfortable with the experience.

You can also play with temperature by swirling an ice cube or applying tingling lube to the nipples for added sensations. And, of course, you can always suck on the nipples to send chills all over the body.

The key to having fun and getting orgasms during masturbation is to be patient and to keep trying new things. Experiment with all of the different erogenous zones on your body and see what peaks your interest. Keep in mind that nipple orgasms can take longer to achieve than orgasms from stimulating the clitoris or vagina, so it may be necessary to add other toys or techniques for extra titilation. And remember that male partners can have nipple orgasms, too, so you can share the joy of nipple play with them, too! Just be sure to communicate with your partner about what techniques they enjoy and what positions bring them pleasure.

  1. Move To The Anal Area.

You may have heard that anal masturbation is one of the best orgasm-producing activities out there. And it’s true — but only if you know how to do it right. The key to anal masturbation is in the preparation and the environment. Start by getting into a position that feels good and in a place where you won’t be disturbed. Then, set the mood with lighting, music or candles to set a sensual scene. This will help you to focus on your pleasure and bring yourself to orgasm.

Next, apply lube liberally to both the opening of your anus and your fingers or sex toy you plan to use. If you’re a beginner, start with eternal stimulation and slowly insert your finger. Then, if you feel comfortable, go a bit further in. If you get uncomfortable, remove your finger and take a break before trying again.

Once you’re comfortable, try using a clitoral cup or vibrator on and around your anus to really up the pleasure factor. Or, you can try stroking the area with your fingertips. If you’re interested in butt play, you can also slide a towel between your legs and rub it against your vulva and labia to create friction that feels great, too.

You can even incorporate anal play into a partner session by asking your partner to tease you while you play with your dick or vagina. This can make the whole experience feel more intimate and give you even more orgasms than solo anal masturbation alone. Remember to always communicate with your partner and find out if anal stimulation works for them, too. And be sure to keep plenty of lube nearby to avoid any messy situations.

  1. Move To The vagina.

When you play with your clitoris, remember that the inner lips attach to the underside of the hood. Below that is a small dot or slit, which is the outer opening of the urethra, a short, thin tube leading to your bladder. Above that is the vaginal opening (introitus). A woman’s hymen, sometimes called the vaginal corona, partially blocks this opening, but it almost never covers it completely.

Whether you’re a cis or trans woman, masturbating with the vagina can be intensely pleasurable. But don’t just use your fingers or a sex toy — try stroking the inside of your vulva with the tips of your index and middle finger. You can also experiment with other positions: lying on your back with your legs splayed or in a split-pee pose can make it feel more intimate. And if you want to stimulate your vulva more deeply, try squeezing your pelvic muscles (also called the pubococcygeus) in a tight, clenching rhythm to see what happens.

Another thing to try is to insert your fingers or a sex toy into the vagina with lubricant, explains Fox. Once you’ve done this, try a variety of movements: circular, in-and-out, stroking, or even a “come hither” motion to find what feels best. Penetrating the G-spot (a pleasure point on the wall of the vagina) with consistent, heavy pressure can bring a woman to orgasm.

Be sure to wash your hands before you touch your genitals, since bacteria are a common cause of genital infections. Also, if you’re using a toy or finger, it’s a good idea to sterilize it with alcohol. Lastly, be careful not to overdo it, especially with penetrative masturbation. Too much pressure or repetitive motion can cause cramps and pain.

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