Franklin Island

How To Enjoy The Best Of Franklin Island San Blas

The pristine islands and beaches of the San Blas archipelago are a traveller’s paradise. The island of Tuba Senika, known locally as Franklin, met all our expectations of a picture-perfect tropical escape. Spend the night in a simple private thatched cabin and disconnect from everyday life while immersing yourself in nature. This package includes a visit to multiple islands and a natural pool.

Unspoiled Paradise

A hidden gem, Franklin Island embodies the unspoiled allure of the Guna Yala Islands. This picturesque island is home to a thriving coral reef, as well as an abundance of sea life. Discover the treasures of this pristine oasis on an exclusive sightseeing tour from Sea San Blas.

In addition to the lush greenery, you will also be greeted by the colorful Kuna culture. The island is inhabited by the native Kuna people, and they maintain a strict code of conduct. Public displays of affection are not allowed and nudity is discouraged. The Guna people are traditionally religious and are respectful of their environment. The simple private cabins on the island offer an ideal balance of rustic experience and relaxation. They feature a sand floor and western-style beds for 2-6 guests per cabin. Bathrooms are shared amongst all guests sleeping on the island. Guests also have the option to upgrade to an upscale wooden cabin, available for couples only.

Embark On A Sightseeing Tour

Franklin island san blas offers an authentic Panamanian experience, allowing guests to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of modern life. This pristine archipelago of islands has an untouched beauty that will captivate travelers from all walks of life. From the sandy beaches to the tropical jungles, these islands are home to an abundance of natural beauty. Whether you’re looking to explore the marine diversity of Cayos Holandeses or immerse yourself in the Kuna culture, Sea San Blas has the perfect sightseeing tour for you.

Our tours offer the perfect blend of rustic experience and relaxation. Spend a few nights in our group cabins and reconnect with nature while enjoying the comfort of our simple, yet cozy thatched huts. We also have upscale private cabins available for those that prefer a little more luxury during their stay on Tubasenika. All of our accommodation options include meals as well. Just let us know your preference when booking!

Explore The Treasures Of The Sea

Franklin island, also known as Isla Tubasenika, embodies the untouched beauty of the Guna Yala region. The crystal-clear waters invite you to explore a colorful marine life while the lush greenery provides a natural retreat for nature enthusiasts. Spend a night or two on this enchanting island straight out of a dream. Enjoy the tranquility of this secluded paradise and choose from simple, palm-thatched cabins or more upscale wooden accommodations.

Our expert local guides offer unique insight into the Kuna culture through carefully curated excursions. From traditional cooking classes to a cultural performance on the beach, you’ll be sure to connect with the Kuna people. Stay in a group cabin for the perfect balance of rustic charm and relaxation. Bathrooms are shared with other guests staying on the island. Spending a few nights on Franklin Island is the best way to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of daily life and reconnect with nature and yourself.

Experience The Kuna Culture

The Kuna people have lived in the San Blas archipelago for centuries with minimal interference from Panama’s national government. The carta organica declares that the islands are their property, and a law prohibits non-Kuna from purchasing or renting land in the region. The Kuna are skilled entrepreneurs, charging for hammocks, ceramic vessels, coconuts, and boat rides to other islands. Women are especially skilled at sewing mola blouses and fashioning wini, strings of tiny beads worn wrapped around the forearms and lower legs of Kuna women to form geometric designs. Spend nights in simple huts on Franklin Island, part of the beautiful Grullos Cays of San Blas. Wake up to a view of the ocean and relax on a paradise island. Located only 45 minutes from the main port in Carti Yantupo, Tubasenika satisfies every expectation of travellers who dream about picture-perfect Pacific islands.

Outside San Blas, men seek wage labor jobs in Canal Zone and Panama City, while women are employed as teachers and health workers within their communities. A significant number of Kuna also speak Spanish, the country’s official language. The Kuna have egalitarian forms of social organization, and agricultural work is organized at household and community levels or through collective entrepreneurial groups known as sociedades. These sociedades are typically led by a senior male and female, who assign work projects to the members of their group.


Spend the night in our group cabin on Franklin Island and enjoy the perfect combination of rustic experience and relaxation. Bathrooms are shared amongst all guests sleeping on the island. Awake to the sound of a conch shell announcing meals, tours and check outs. This small island is a traveller’s dream come true.

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