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How To Choose An SEO Company & Find The SEO Agency Right For You

What makes it the best search engine company, and how do you know if it is the right SEO company for you? Determining which company fits your needs is not always easy. The guide below will help you get to the right foot in your search organization that takes you over search engines.


Ask for SEO Case Studies & Customer Examples

Ask for examples of websites they created and keyword rankings that helped these websites find. Well, you are looking for examples that are available and show good progress now, not last year; however, due to customer privacy, many companies may not be able to provide you with data to date.


Anyway, keep in mind that the older case study data that SEO company provides you, the less important indicator might be that the company is on top of current SEO practices.Ask for the study articles provided to be for sites whose primary purpose is the same as yours. While it may be helpful to see examples from a business site like you, this is not necessarily a showcase for sites with the same type of conversational goal you do.


This means that if you are a Commerce company, with the ultimate goal of selling online, the content of the courses you receive should belong to Commerce companies, as well as the same product catalog size for your own.


On the other hand, if your site does not sell directly, but instead makes you a leading brand, ask for examples of leading generation sites. Check out our eCommerce SEO guide or read about our eCommerce SEO service to learn more about eCommerce-specific. search engine optimization services.


When looking at the results, be aware that “results” can come in many forms, so it is important to look at which metrics are being offered to you or validated as a signal. If the whole SEO company is talking about filters, but does not lead the discussion in the way of thinking about real marketing and conversions, chances are they may not be working with the big picture in mind.


Measurements and traffic, of course, are important SEO strategies for branding, but ultimately, increased content (aka Marketing and / or Leadership) should be your main goal. Again, customer privacy can be a factor in being able to see the actual sales data to a customer, but they should be able to share the growth volume, at least.


Think Beyond SEO

Typically, companies that focus on real sales and transformation as a necessary metric will likely have a skill-set in Translation Optimization. Once your site is receiving healthy traffic, Change Optimization is the process of constantly updating a website itself to get the most sales or leads from that traffic. It is an essential element of any advanced SEO Campaign, so it makes sense to make sure that the company you choose also has strong experience and track record of improving sales pages related to incoming site traffic. Learn more by reading 11 ways to improve your conversion rate.


Changes for optimization within the SEO campaign typically include AB headline analysis, AB copy button analysis, AB color/object loading, and landing page tests. Many conversion rates are available, such as Google Optimize (the freest CRO / AB testing tool).


Know The Risk With Low-Cost SEO Agency

The risk of choosing a low-end company to reduce your SEO revenue is a real risk. Consider not only that you may not get results, but that an SEO company has the ability to create long-term damage to your website and domain if they do SEO wrong. It’s not just about the wrong results you want, but the wrong company can ruin your business for years by doing shady link-building practices, writing negative content, and more.


Visit SEO Company If You Can

At OuterBox we would like to invite customers to come and visit our office and meet the team. We hear any company can say that it is one of the best SEO companies that should be willing to have you in their office. When you choose an SEO Company, you are choosing an extra partner in your business. Chemistry is important. The best company for your business will have the skills to adapt to understanding you, your goals, and your business mod.


Meeting in person, or just having the first meeting, can help start a great relationship and give you peace of mind that you have made the right decision and really as a team you are working with. A team should have a lot of members, who are skilled, not an “SEO person” or two. At OuterBox we usually have more than 10 people who will handle individual SEO clients because professionals are often needed in various areas such as content promotion, index building, landing page design, design, SEO technology, etc., all of which go into SEO practices.


So, go visit. Get a visit and ask, “Which team members will be working on my project?” Find out and ask what their roles will be. It will provide a unique way to make a decision. If you choose the company, you will be a step forward in the relationship-building process again.

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