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How to Choose a Top International Law Firm in Thailand

If you’re thinking of expanding your business to Thailand a multilingual corporate law firm Bangkok will help you choose the best legal option. Vize Counselor is a team of lawyers with years of expertise in dealing with foreign and corporate clients. Along with providing advice on behalf of individuals  Vize Counselor represents corporations across a variety of industries. For more information, go through our blog posts. In this article, you’ll find out more about how to locate an excellent International Law Firm in Thailand.

Vize Counselor Law Firm Thailand Celebrating the growth

The Vize Counselor Law Firm Thailand recognizes its expansion. The Thai legal firm has been a pioneer in commercial litigation and is as one of the top companies in Thailand for litigation and business. Vize also assists businesses to establish their legal entities as well as handle commercial transactions and tat in thailand. The range of legal services includes corporate formation the licensing process, negotiation of contracts as well as commercial lawsuits. Over 1,000 Chinese enterprises in Thailand have profited from the expertise from Vize Counselor.

Three Vize International Thailand Law Firm offices

A wide array of legal services are provided from Vize Counselor International Thailand Law Firm. With accountants, lawyers and consultants from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities The firm is equipped to address legal issues for expatriates living in Thailand and all over the world. From litigation in commercial disputes to intellectual property issues The services offered by the firm cover all aspects of law for business. If you’re planning to start an entirely new business or looking for guidance on a legal issue, Vize Counselor can help.

A full-service law firm which has offices across Thailand, Vize Counselor focuses on helping multinational businesses set up their business and reach their corporate goals. The firm provides licensing and corporate establishment services along with contract negotiation, as well as additional commercial solutions. The lawyers have assisted more than 1,000 Chinese companies establish their business in Thailand. To find out more about its services and costs, check out Vize International’s website. Thailand Law Firm’s 3 offices.

Professional Expertise in Corporate from English Speaking Lawyers

As an English-speaking lawyer it is possible to wonder whether there is a company that employs Thai attorneys to assist you with legal matters. You can find an established law firm that is located in an overseas country. If Vize Counselor law firms have English-speaking lawyers. You are able to ensure that the law firm employs English-speaking staff members through their site. So, there is no require to know the Thai the Thai language, as Vize Counselor’s lawyers will be able to understand your needs.

Focusing on BOI Thailand Company Set Up

There are many advantages for registering through BOI. BOI within Thailand. Apart from the benefit of having 100 overseas ownership BOI firms can also enjoy significant tax benefits. Furthermore they do not need to employ Thai nationals , and they can enjoy 18 years of income tax exemption for corporations. In addition, they are exempt of import tax on machinery and other equipment needed for development of projects. Additionally, BOI company registration offers quick renewal of work permits and visas for foreign employees as well as skilled workers. In addition, they have the option of an employment permit that is conditional to foreign workers who are relatives.

There are a number of steps that must be completed before you can officially register as a BOI firm in Thailand. In the first place, you have to visit the BOI’s headquarters and request the documents to be that have been approved from the government. Once you’ve received your documents, you have to submit your acceptance letter within a month. Failure to submit the form could result in the loss of your promotion. After that, you need to sign up the BOI business with BOI’s Department of Business Development. In this process it is necessary to utilize the company in the register with BOI.

The Best English Speaking Lawyers in Thailand

If you’re searching for an attorney in Thailand that speaks English for lawyer You’ve come the right spot. Vize Counselor is a leading law firm in Thailand with English-speaking lawyers in Bangkok Samui and Stockholm, Sweden. Alongside dealing with a variety of legal issues they also focus on IP law. Although they can help you with any legal concerns and concerns, they’re also the most affordable option for a range of reasons.

The law firm is specialized in various legal services, such as Thai visas for various nationalities. Other areas of expertise include Intellectual property law, family law in addition to employment law. They also deal with legal and consulting issues and provide free consultations as well as complete surveillance services. They also help with immigration issues and wills. For those who are expats in need of assistance with immigration issues you can find Vize Counselor a Thailand law firm that has lawyers who speak English.

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