How to Begin Share Market Investment with IIFL Limited:

National Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in India and 4th in the world for cash equities. However, as per the report by Mint, it still remains the largest exchange for derivatives in the world, being unbeaten for three straight years. One of the prominent stocks trading on the National Stock Exchange is IIFL Wealth Management Limited. Let’s understand IIFL Wealth Management Limited in detail and how has been helping budding investors invest in IIFL.

About IIFL:

IIFL Wealth Management Limited, herein referred to as IIFL, is a wealth management firm with a presence in 23 locations in India and 7 countries. Its bouquet of services includes portfolio management services, wealth management, treasury services, estate planning, asset management, lending, etc. IIFL has $44 billion worth of assets under management, making it one of the prominent wealth management firms. Further, it has been rated A1+ by ICRA and CRISIL – two of the leading credit rating agencies.

IIFL was founded in 2008 and is currently headquartered in Mumbai, India. It was a subsidiary of IIFL Holdings until the demerger of the IIFL Group into 3 separately listed entities, IIFL wealth being one of them. In 2009, it established its global presence with offices in Singapore, US, Dubai and Mauritius. It saw consistent growth in assets under management and kept expanding its portfolio.

While the prospects of the company look quite interesting, let’s see why one should invest in NSE IIFL Holdings during Indian stock market live trading sessions.

Services Provided by IIFL

IIFL has a huge portfolio of specialised services catering to the financial needs of its clients. Its bouquet of services includes:

  • IIFL-One: One: IIFL-One was born with the IIFL’s quest to provide the best services to its clients. It is a whole framework whereby the client specifies the needs and gets the solution accordingly. Clients provide inputs with respect to the investment objectives, liquidity needs and risk appetite alongside setting the limit for portfolio allocation. Consequently, an expert helps create a framework for the investments and aids in selecting the right investments for the portfolio. The complete investment management process is taken care of by the IIFL experts.


  • Lending Solutions: IIFL Wealth Management Limited is revolutionising the lending sector with its 100% subsidiary company IIFL Wealth Prime Limited, which operates as an NBFC. It offers a diversified range of lending services to clients. With a lending size of Rs. 4151 crores as of 31st December 2021, IIFL Wealth Prime Limited is one of the leading NBFCs in India. With an AA rating by ICRA, it has been gaining the trust of investors throughout its journey. Whether it’s about early-stage debt funding, short-term working capital requirements or undertaking large acquisitions, IIFL Wealth Prime Limited has provided lending services to 1000+ customers. Following are the quick steps that IIFL follows to meet the funding needs of its customers:
  • Deal Origination
  • Finance Sanction
  • Reporting and Monitoring Support
  • Due Diligence and Credit Appraisal
  • Disbursement
  • Investment Products: IIFL offers its customers innovation-led products to bring best-in-class financial and investment ideas. With one of the largest product, research and execution teams, it provides its customers with a selection of the right products that improve the risk-adjusted returns in their portfolio.

Every step from ideation to implementation involves participation from the client that enhances the flexibility, visibility and transparency. Following is the IIFL process of offering the best investment products suitable to the client’s needs:

  • Ideation
  • Investment decision
  • Ongoing risk management
  • Due diligence
  • Execution
  • Estate Planning: Estate planning is one of the specialised services provided by a subsidiary of IIFL Wealth Management Ltd, i.e., IIFL Investment Adviser and Trustee Services Ltd (IIFL IATSL). It helps families by catering to their needs regarding the succession of Indian assets. As the regulatory norms and social environment are constantly changing, it becomes important to ensure that the present and the upcoming generations are provided with their rights.

IIFL IATSL has been providing tailor-made solutions to the families in relation to the planning of succession of financial assets, art, jewellery, artefacts and immovable assets. The solutions expand to planning succession of:

  • Promoter business ownership
  • Global family requirements
  • Joint family businesses having active involvement of 3 generations
  • Family having children with special needs
  • Protecting the personal assets against the business risks

Following is the IIFL IATSL process of planning the succession of assets:

  • Consultation
  • Ongoing Modifications
  • Draft Approval
  • Wealth Distribution

How to Invest in IIFL?

As you can see, IIFL Wealth Management Limited has a vast pool of specialised services that it provides to its clients. Being a pioneer in the financial services domain, it is one of the attractive companies to invest in. You can invest in IIFL Wealth Management Limited through It not only allows investors to invest in the company but also provides important financial data and analysis to make informed investment decisions. While in the Indian stock market live trading sessions, you can start investing in NSE IIFL Holdings.

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