How Often Do the Best IR Websites Update?

The IR website is one of the most trusted resources on your equity, according to investors. As such an important touchstone of your IR platform, it’s important it always remains relevant and attractive to visitors.

Does that mean you should update your site more often or less? Here are some examples of when you should update your investor website to better communicate your investment opportunity.

1. You’re Undergoing a Rebrand

The most obvious reason to upgrade your site is any time your company goes through a rebrand. This won’t happen too often, as it can take a lot of time, effort, and money to complete. Most corporations will rebrand once every decade or when they must reposition themselves drastically in the face of changing sentiment.

A comprehensive rebrand may bring sweeping changes to your company’s logo, design, IR narrative, services, and products. As these changes should be reflected in your site, a rebranding is often the most thorough revamp of your site. By the time you’re done, it won’t look anything like the old site.

2. It’s Hard to Publish Daily Tweaks

While a total rebranding should happen very rarely, you should expect to update your content daily. You may need to tweak your home or landing pages, update product information and pricing, publish blog posts, reports, and press releases, and more.

If the IR website provider you rely on makes it hard to accomplish these small updates, you need to reconsider the company you keep. Your provider should offer a rapid revision response time that allows you to make updates to your content and financials as necessary.

3. The Site isn’t Accessible

Accessibility is an important feature of IR sites, yet all too often, it’s a detail forgotten until the very last second. This mistake can be costly. Roughly 1.3 billion people in the world (and around 20 percent of adults in North America) live with disabilities — many of which limit their vision, cognition, and mobility. UX that doesn’t consider their experience could reduce your reach to a large audience.

You should talk to an IR consulting firm to discuss how to make your site more accessible to the greatest number of people. Speak to firms that can boast a partnership with Essential Accessibility. This is an auditing service that helps companies conform to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.

4. You Don’t Have a Mobile Version

In the last quarter of 2022, mobile devices accounted for nearly 60% of global website traffic. That means a good chunk of your visitors may be viewing your IR site from a phone in their hand.

Without mobile optimization, this viewing experience is clunky, if not impossible. They’ll be viewing designs and links meant to be seen on larger screen, so they may not be able to navigate your site properly.

Optimization reformats this content for mobile viewing, ensuring the design and functionality remain consistent across all screens.

5. It Doesn’t Measure up to the Competition

How do the IR sites of your peers look? While you should never create a cookie-cutter copycat of your competition, your site should hold up to certain standards of design, functionality, and navigation. If your site stands out for the wrong reasons, you need to make changes.

Reach out to an IR firm that can happily boast an award-winning design library purpose-made for investor relations. They’ll be able to customize your site and scale it to your evolving needs.

Bottom Line:

Reach out to the experts. Not only can they design a purpose-built website, but they can also help you understand when you need to update your site beyond these five times.

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