How IVF can help couples to attain parenthood easily

Being blessed with a child is a wonder for couples. Transition to parenthood is a difficult phase for every couple. They face a major adjustment issue within the family. Pregnancy is demonstrated as a stressful event and brings profound changes at developmental stage of family but the happiest phase. As a woman, she faces several changes inside her body with pain and mental instability.

The mother conceiving the child loses herself both ways, internally and externally. But suddenly the happiness fades away with the issue of infertility. Infertility is a medical disability that causes mental stress, physiological issues, physical problems and medical determinants to the patient. It causes emotional disbalance in the family. The issue of infertility cannot be unseen and is a significant topic to deal with appropriate treatments.

IVF- In Vitro Fertilisation is an efficient way to deal through. It’s a widely known types of assisted reproductive technology (ART). It is basically a process with medicinal combinations and procedure for fertilisation of sperm and egg, further leading to the process of implantation in the uterus.

Like all the treatments in medical science, IVF comes with some side affects along with advantages. Side effects caused is usually similar to natural pregnancy phase which has mood swings, bloating, cramps, bleeding, infection etc. The world has explored this technology at various levels but Dubai has the highest stake of providing best IVF treatment with efficient technology and facilities.

Over the years, Dubai’s IVF landscape has reached to excellence. There are major factors for selecting Dubai for IVF treatment. One of the factors considered significantly is advancement in medical techniques and equipment. Before and during the entire in-vitro fertilisation process, your fertility specialist will monitor your ovaries along with the timing of egg release. Consisting the best team of doctors, they keep a check that ovaries are producing eggs and hormonal levels are normal during the other procedures.

IVF is remarkably a costly process with average cost around the world for about $12,000 to $17,000. Dubai consists affordable treatment centres, cost effective facilities with expertise staff and best doctors among the world. Infertility is an issue which can hamper the life of couples in long terms. Resolving infertility completely is still on-going research for medical science but finding a way through for couples to lead a happy healthy life is IVF treatment. Dubai isn’t only the pioneers in the field with superior facilities and advancement but also the approach of working with patients is radically different. Every couple that visits is consulted with their individual needs and a treatment plan is provided with best guaranteed results.

To be known about all remarkable destinations some ivf centers in dubai assures to deliver the highest possible success rates and standard of care. The concept of collaboration and teamwork is highly appreciated. It is difficult to obtain clear information about success rates, procedure and cost but Dubai has the concept of transparency in dealing with patients. Stop looking around the globe, visit Dubai for escaping the infertility issues and leading a wonderful family life.


Dr. Dayeh is a passionate and empathetic physician with 18 years of experience in classical gynaecological and fertility-related procedures, including surgeries, plastic surgery, and stress incontinence surgery. In addition, he provides obstetric services to maintain continuity of care during pregnancy. He is fluent in English, Arabic, and Russian, and his multicultural background has equipped him to be culturally sensitive and extra caring with all his patients.

He is committed to helping his patients feel at ease through informed, shared decision-making so that they can undergo successful treatment and experience the joy of parenthood. Patients value his medical expertise, individualized treatments, and the emotional support he provides them.

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