How Do Backlinks Play an Important Role in SEO?

Links from one website to another are known as backlinks. Backlinks are inbound links that redirect a user from one website to another. It’s like a vote or a trust symbol that demonstrates the authority of a page in the eyes of Google. Therefore, it plays an important role in increasing the organic ranking on SERP.

What are backlinks? And its importance

Since Google’s original algorithm (known as “PageRank”), backlinks have always been a significant factor in ranking a website. The importance of backlinks remains the same even though Google has made many changes to its algorithm since its inception. Google has confirmed several times that backlinks remain one of three factors influencing search engine rankings.

Types of Backlinks:

There are two types of backlinks 

  • Do-Follow Links

A Do-follow backlink is the most common and valuable kind of Backlink for SEO. Your website’s do-follow link tells Google that the link is an organic one. As a result, do-follow links improve your ranking and help you climb the search engine result page.

  • No-Follow Links

Backlinks with no-follow are less common. In addition, they are less valuable. Their purpose is to tell search engines to ignore a particular link.

Factors that determine the value of Backlink:

  • Domain Authority

Having a high domain authority is an indicator of how successful a site is when it comes to search engine rankings. Software development company Moz designed this free tool. In addition, backlinks from websites with high domain authority are more valuable.

  • Website credibility

Search engines can determine that your website is also authoritative if you have a lot of links from other credible and authoritative sites. How established your site is. An older site is usually considered more authoritative.

  • Content relevance

Another factor is the quality of the content and the use of keywords. Content should be relevant to the site’s product and solutions. It should be plagiarism-free.

  • Anchor text:

The anchor text of a website is vital to its search engine optimization. Besides Google ranking factors, anchor text can also tell your readers what you intend to tell them and how they can find more information.

  • Number of links

Around 20 to 40 links back to your content are ideal for most websites and most pages on those websites. However, it is important to remember that this number can get smaller or larger depending on the size of your site.

Advantages of Backlinks in SEO

  • Improves the organic search

Backlinks help build authority and credibility in the eye of Google. Therefore, it helps with reaching higher domain authority. It means SEO ranking improves and organic searches become higher. 

  • Faster indexing

Backlinks help Google crawlers to crawl pages of your site quickly. With a higher quality of the backlinks, faster crawling happens.

  • Increases referral traffic

Since your backlinks get posted on the other websites, the audience can come to your site pages and increase traffic. Therefore, make sure that your backlinks get posted on the relevant pages only.  

How Does Ralecon Focus on Improving Backlinks by SEO? 

Ralecon is a top-class SEO consultant Bangalore. Due to its proven strategies which it tailors according to the client, the success rate of achieving successful SEO is very high. Online businesses consistently rate Ralecon as their ultimate destination to outsource the best SEO services Bangalore, as it keeps its strategies for backlinks and other SEO parameters updated as per Google policies and updates. 

Backlinks, as informed earlier are one of the three most important factors that influence search engine rankings. Therefore, they need special attention to and should not be neglected at any cost, while you are particularly on the quest of improving your search engine ranking. 

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