Happy Hour in Toronto

Happy Hour in Toronto

Happy hour typically denotes a time for drinking before dinner. Happy hour as we know it took off during prohibition. Because alcohol consumption was banned in much of North America to save grain for the war, people started making their own alcohol and hosting ‘happy hour’ before going out for dinner at restaurants. Even after prohibition, Ontario had a ban on happy hour, in 1984, claiming that it put too many drunks on the road.  It actually wasn’t until 2019, when the Ford Government returned Happy hour to Ontarians. 

Today, there are hundreds of happy hour promotions happening across Toronto, both happening  after work and after dinner. We have no doubt you will find a great spot to save you a few bucks while spending quality time with friends and loved ones. With the intricate public transportation system in the city, along with affordable Uber and Lyft prices, we hope drinking and driving will not be a problem. 

How happy hour can save you money

The cost of living continues to sky-rocket, up a staggering 8.1% according to Statistics Canada. Many Canadians find themselves living paycheck to paycheck and dining out is no longer an option. 

Restaurants are feeling the pinch as well. With the post-pandemic customer surge slowing, we can see more and more restaurants begin to offer happy hour and daily food and drink specials again. That means choosing when, and where to eat can save you as much as 50 percent on certain menu items. 

According to Dealiem, dining out on Wednesday’s can easily save you 50% on bottles of wine. Eating out between 2-6 and after 9pm can save you another 25-50%. Shifting your habits by a few hours also means you avoid the crowds and line ups. Toronto is such a diverse city, and whether its half-price wings, buck-a-shuck oysters, $4 tacos, or pork belly sandos, we’re sure you’ll find something that will suit your taste buds. 

When it comes to happy hour drinks, half off whiskey, $4 shots, buck an ounce wine, $5 beer pours, and the options are virtually unlimited.


Even when it comes to entertainment, there are multiple restaurants offering live music, spinning DJs, trivia and movie nights, all included for their dinner patrons. 

So for your next date night, girls night, or guy’s night, make sure you plan ahead, pick the right time and day, and couple it with a fun event. Lastly, be safe, don’t drink and drive.

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