Getting Back On Your Feet After Addiction Troubles: 7 Steps To Follow

If you are getting over addiction, you’re on the right path. However, you’re facing a new challenge. That is building a new life after treatment.

This guide will go over the seven different steps that you will need to follow. During your treatment plan, you’ll want to consider planning your life after successfully beating addiction. We’ll be able to help you determine your starting point with the list below.

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Eating healthy and regular exercise

One of the major changes you can make pertains to diet and exercise. This will be beneficial in so many ways. Both will be beneficial in improving your mental health as you are recovering from addiction (and living a drug-free life).

A healthy diet consisted of fruits, veggies, protein for muscle building and recovery, and foods rich in vitamins and minerals. It will help improve your physical and mental health over the course of time. Some of these vitamins like Vitamin D will be great for increasing the amount of serotonin in your body.

Exercise can also increase the levels of endorphins. You’ll be feeling good and reduce the amount of stress overall. It’s important that you consider at least 150 minutes of exercise per week (25 minutes for 6 times a week or 30 minutes for 5 times a week).

One of the best things about exercise is that it can prevent relapses from happening. If you are stressed or having a bad day, working out can help.

Whether it’s walking, jogging, or weightlifting, you can plan a regular exercise schedule so you can keep fit. Especially if you want to lose and maintain a healthy weight. You don’t even have to go to the gym.

All you have to do is step outside and do your exercises. Or you can do them at home.

Take up a new hobby

Is there a new hobby you’ve been meaning to take up? Could it be due to a new skill that you might have picked up during your rehab treatment? If it’s something that you enjoy, keep doing it.

It’ll be something you’ll love doing for as long as you live. This can be something related to arts and crafts. Or it can be something that you can do no matter where you go (like cooking).

Doing something you love will keep your mind positive. You’ll forget about the pain of your past life. Plus, the thoughts of relapse will be far away.

This can be a hobby you can do by yourself or include members of your family so you can all do it together.

Spend more time with family

Your addiction may have robbed you of a lot of time. Especially time that you would have spent with your family. However, in a new life you’re building, you can make up for it.

Think of ideas on how you can spend time with them from here on. What sort of activities do you have planned for them? Are you planning to go on vacation with them?

Family is important to almost anyone. Addiction can tear one apart. However, you can rebuild the damage.

It may take time to regain that trust with some members of your family. But remember that it is a process. You don’t need to rush into things.

Take your time. Reconnect with people you’ve lost touch with during your addiction. Use the power of your family as your support system when you’re undergoing treatment.

Practice regular mindfulness

Stress is unavoidable. Yet, it is easier to manage. That’s why it is important to consider mindfulness.

You can exercise your mind five minutes per day simply by closing your eyes and focusing on your breathing. You breathe in and breathe out. In through the nose, out through the mouth.

You may feel like you won’t have enough time to do it. Five minutes may be enough. If you have a little more time, you can go on for longer if you want to.

Mindfulness helps when you want to be aware of what’s going on around you. It will also build self-awareness in terms of how you’re feeling, what triggers your stress, and the steps you can take to manage it.

Talk to the most important people in your life

Not only does this include your family, but also people in your support group. These include people who were in treatment alongside you and even the professionals who worked with you. You can talk to them whenever you need to.

It can be about life, what you’re struggling with, or whatever might be important. They may provide you with advice or lend you an ear whenever you need to say something. Surrounding yourself with positive people who are important to you will help you get back on track.

Have a relapse plan in place

A relapse can still happen. When that does, you need to execute a plan that you have put together. This includes talking to a therapist that can help. Know that if you relapse, you didn’t fail.

It also doesn’t mean that your treatment was for nothing. Relapse is part of the process. You will be able to get back on your feet, even if you stumble.

Have peace of mind

It’s important to have peace of mind in knowing that you have made the right choice to get better. You have left your past life behind and your addiction troubles have dissipated. You’re ready to write the new chapters in your life.

You have the right kind of people rooting for you. You have exciting plans for the future. Things are looking brighter and better than ever.

Even if you have bad days, you have better ways to cope with it. And you’ll feel confident knowing that you don’t need drugs to get through it all.

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