From Working with the Best Criminal Lawyers in Toronto and Across GTA to Not Talking Your Way out the Charge – 6 Tips When Dealing with a Drug Smuggling Charge

If you are facing a drug smuggling charge, there are several points to consider that will help you win your case. Some of them include hiring a good lawyer, and working on getting bail as fast as possible.

Just note that there are many criminal lawyers in Toronto and across GTA, so you have to keep experience and qualifications especially in mind to make sure you hire the best.

1.      Stay Remain Calm

You need to stay calm so that you don’t say or do anything that will result in additional charges, like obstruction of justice.

2.      Don’t Say Anything

Whenever you are arrested for any type of criminal charge, regardless if it’s for drug possession or not, only talk to the police when you have to. They might try and coerce you into saying something incriminating.

You should also only speak to them with a lawyer by your side. You would be guided through all the questions that you can avoid and answer, and the best way to answer without saying anything that can get you in trouble.

Make sure that you don’t put anything in writing either. This could come back to haunt you, as the court could have written proof against you (by none other than yourself). Don’t try to talk your way out of the charge either.

3.      Contact a Lawyer

It’s very important that you can get in touch with a lawyer. I mentioned earlier that having one by your side would help you avoid incriminating questions, but also, you would have someone experienced to fight your case.

When hiring drug trafficking lawyers, it’s important that you look at their experience and qualifications. You should hire someone who has won many cases that are like yours.

There are quite a few criminal lawyers in Toronto and across GTA, so you have to keep experience and qualifications in mind so that you find the best option.

4.      Request for Bail

You and your attorney need to work on requesting for bail. You would be able to get out of jail and be able to work on your defense, like find appropriate witnesses to prove that you weren’t smuggling drugs.

Most likely, your criminal attorney will refer you to a specialized lawyer that handles bail.

Keep in mind that there is a chance that you might have to request for bail once or twice before you get accepted. Having a surety can help, as the court would know that you wouldn’t be able to flee once released.

5.      Behave at Trial

Drug smuggling charges are very serious. Always need to show up at court when you are required to, and also, you will need to be respectful when on trial.

6.      Build Your Defense Well

It’s important that you and your legal time work hard on your defense. You need witnesses to disapprove any allegations that are made against you.

This is why hiring an experienced lawyer would be the best thing, as they would create a good defense.

Final Thoughts

There are quite a few points to consider if you are facing drug smuggling charges. The most important would be to hire a good attorney. There are criminal lawyers in Toronto and across GTA, so doing this would be easy. Also make sure that you don’t speak to the law enforcement, as you could accidentally say something that could be against you.

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