Food Influencer Sylvia Fountaine Reveals All about Her Plant-Based Journey and How It Changed Her Life

Food can amaze you. Not just because of the taste or how it makes us happy, but also because of its power to heal our mind, body, and soul. Food influencer and former professional chef Sylvia Fountaine regularly shares tantalizing yet healthy veggie-forward recipes that are sure to inspire anyone, whether you are a vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, or omnivore.

Sylvia’s blog ‘Feasting at Home’ is a whole food blog that has proven to be a valuable resource for people looking to create yummy and healthy feasts at home. What separates her from other chef bloggers is her passion for creating recipes that are not only delectable but nutritious at the same time. Her decades of relationship with food is laudable, and after having tried multiple diets, Sylvia has finally learned what suits her body the best.

You will be surprised to know that despite being an advocate of a plant-based diet, she does not hesitate to enjoy all types of food as long as her body gets the time to detox.

Sharing her plant-based diet routine, Sylvia said, “Every January, I elect to go plant-based for a month, which for me, helps negate all the holiday indulging, which I don’t like to deprive myself of!  Then periodically through the year, as needed, I’ll do a week of plant-based eating, once a month or once a quarter. My body feels energized, sleep deepens, any sweet cravings are “reset,” and weight is easier to maintain.”

This super easy and fun ritual has enabled her to maintain a healthy weight and overall balanced life. 

How paying attention to your body helps. 

Having undergone her fair share of struggles with weight, tiredness, and mindless eating, Sylvia has chalked out the best way to keep herself satiated and nourished. As she says, “What I learned was to listen to my body.” 

Sylvia believes the key is to pay attention to the cues your body gives you regularly. During her early years as a restaurant owner and caterer, Sylvia learned the importance of watching her eating habits.  She is of the view that it is essential to stop yourself from eating mindlessly. This new level of her conscious relationship with food led her to understand and discover what foods left her feeling stiff, achy, and groggy and what types of foods energized her. She recalls seeing a real pattern that led her to her transformative journey of conscious, healthy eating and the inclusion of a plant-based vegan diet for a few months. 

Finally revealing how she keeps her health in check with food, Sylvia stated, “Currently, I make a practice of eating vegan, most days of the week, and enjoying fish, eggs, and dairy (primarily goat & sheep cheese, yogurt & kefir) mainly on the weekends.  This seems to suit my body the best. Many folks have great results with eating vegan one week out of each month, some opt for every other day, and some do better full-time. Do what is best for you!”

To know more about her transformative plant-based journey and be a part of it, check out her Instagram blog here.

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