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We are currently running a fundraising campaign in collaboration with OneForest Foundation, 501c3, to raise funds for monthly expenses at Osa Interactive. We offer classes and tours, but it is not always enough to maintain a large property in Osa, where the jungle always throws unexpected challenges our way.

To celebrate Earth Day and support us, please consider making a donation through our safe and easy PayPal campaign.

About OneForest Foundation.

Founded in July 2016, OneForest Foundation stands as a beacon of environmental education and forest conservation.

Inspired by the majestic Coast Redwoods, our journey began with a focus on the conservation of these giants. Since then, our efforts have blossomed, leading us to establish our current campus at Osa Interactive Gardens Reserve in Puerto Jimenez, Costa Rica.

Dedicated to fostering environmental awareness, we have proudly facilitated hundreds of hours of educational programs, offering free or subsidized courses both virtually and in person. Our curriculum spans from traditional science coursework to comprehensive field guide certification courses. For example, during the challenging times of the pandemic, from 2020-2022, we were contracted with Boston Public Schools to offer an enrichment course from the tropical rainforest. Students learned about the forest and “met” many live rainforest animals.

Annually, we organize a community fitness week in October, promoting a healthy lifestyle and encouraging outdoor activities. As we strive to connect individuals with nature, we maintain virtual and field courses that necessitate ongoing investments in trail maintenance, classroom facilities, and a dedicated staff.

We invite you to join us in our mission by supporting our grassroots nonprofit. Every contribution helps continue our work in protecting the natural world through education. At OneForest Foundation, we firmly believe that knowledge is the cornerstone of conservation. You can’t care about things you don’t know about, and education is the key to preserving the beauty of our planet. We are one planet, OneForest.

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