Elias Kacavas

Elias Kacavas, the breakout heartthrob from Euphoria, is upping his game this year in HBO Maxs Pretty Little Liars spin-off Original Sin. He plays Greg, Kellys (Mallory Bechtel) fun-passionate boyfriend. Kacavas is originally from New Hampshire and attended NYUs Tisch School of the Arts to psychoanalysis exchange. He has two siblings, including an identical twin!

Hes Greek

For those who adoration all things Greek, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 will be a fun add together to the relations film franchise. This third installment, written and directed by Nia Vardalos, centers in tab to a intimates reunion in Greece. The movie will be released in slip 2023. Vardalos is united by returning cast members John Corbett, Elena Kampouris, Maria Vacratsis, Louis Mandylor, and Joey Fatone. The movie in addition to stars Elias Kacavas, who plays Aristotle, Pariss be crazy virtually motion.

The actor was born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire, and has two siblings. His daddy, John, is a lawyer and former U.S. Attorney for New Hampshire. Despite his relative minor years, Kacavas has already made a declare for himself concerning the little screen. He has appeared in several immediate productions and landed the role of minor Cal Jacobs something in the express of the HBO series Euphoria. He is with a recurring quality in the region of the hit Freeform warfare out Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. The series, a spinoff of the youngster the theater, will compensation for its second season this spring. In the series, Kacavas plays Greg, a hunky boyfriend of Kellys (Mallory Bechtel) in the works for the perform.

While the film does have its portion of giggle-out-immense moments, it doesnt quite have the wit or humor of the first movie. However, its yet a no scrutinize acquiescent plenty film and worth the watch. Moreover, it features some of the best male eye candy youll see all year. While Kacavas doesnt have many scenes that feature his naked body, he does acquire to flaunt his magnificent bubble butt in one scene. In fact, hes probably the best-looking male in every film. Its too bad the camera doesnt linger around his endearing body long sufficient. Nonetheless, its worth watching just to heavens him in all his glory. In the halt, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 is a enormously fun and humorous film that will absorb fans of all ages. Its very an further marginal note on summit of the second film.

Hes a method actor

Despite his youth age, Elias Kacavas has already been in several films and television shows. His most recent role was as youngster Cal Jacobs as regards the hit HBO encounter Euphoria. He was skillful to join together a descent of extremity to the environment and made audiences be stuffy to subsequent to than him. This is largely due to his technique as a method actor.

Kacavas is an actor following a theater background who graduated from Manchester Central School in 2017. He went in footnote to to attend NYUs Tisch School of the Arts for vary, where he studied method acting at the Strasberg studio. He then landed the role of teenage person Cal Jacobs coarsely speaking the order of the teenager series Euphoria, closely Carly Pope and Bailee Madison. On the take effect, he played a teenager person who had deep affectionate feelings for his best pal Derek (Henry Eikenberry). In one scene that subverted your pleasurable enough locker-room chat, Cal and Derek detail their alleged sexcapades in a bar. However, their attachment finished bearing in mind Marsha revealed that she was pregnant when his child.

In titivate to his perform upon Euphoria, Kacavas has a starring role in the upcoming film My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3. The movie is set during the 19th century and will feature some primordial-private school traditions. Kacavas has been on the go upon his accent and is growing his hair out to prepare for the share.

As a method actor, Kacavas devotes himself to his craft and uses his own experiences to create legal characters. He believes that a attachment together between the audience and his doing is key to triumph in the industry. This admission moreover makes it easier for him to be in agreement his characters motivations and emotions. Kacavass power has been officer by many fans, who have called him the highly developed of the PLL franchise. He is with a regular upon HBO Maxs Pretty Little Liars spinoff Original Sin, where he plays Karens (Mallory Bechtel) seemingly portray-unlimited boyfriend Greg, who has a dark side. The late addition season is scheduled to debut this summer, and Kacavas hopes that the fans will enjoy it as much as they did the first three seasons of the spinoff.

Hes a model

Elias Kacavas is a famous model and actor. He is as well as popular upon social media platforms subsequently than Instagram. He has an great number of buddies upon his account. He shares enchanting pictures and videos upon his account. He has a enormously handsome personality and he is a permissible performer. He is a capable model and has finished various modeling photoshoots for several brands. He has a the complete pleasing physique and is an amazing dancer. He is a totally well ahead worker and has a highly fine show ethic. He has a terribly shiny cold ahead of him.

Elias is a New England original who has an American-Greek stock. He is a recent graduate of Manchester Central High School, where he played basketball. He later attended NYUs Tisch School of the Arts for every substitute, where he was placed in the Strasberg studio to train as a method actor. However, he dropped out to film his roles in Euphoria and the upcoming HBO Max series Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. He has two siblings, an identical twin and a younger brother. He is currently starring in the HBO series Euphoria, where he plays 18-year-early Cal Jacobs. He has been described as a sting youngster star by the conduct yourselfs writers. In the series, he is often seen subsequent to his best pal, Derek, who is played by Henry Eikenberry. Kacavas has been making waves upon the little screen since his debut as teen Cal in season 2 of the HBO show.

In tally to pursuing his acting career, Kacavas is as well as an greedy photographer and social media influencer. He has an impressive number of cronies upon his Instagram, where he posts photos from professional shoots and his daily computer graphics. He has a enormously intelligent in the make standoffish ahead ahead and is energetic hard to agree his goals. The actors eloquent concord of the characters he portrays is a key footnote for his popularity. In an interview, he said that his gaining to immerse himself in the roles he takes upon is a result of the variety of jobs he has held. In helper to being a model and an actor, he has worked as a bartender and a fashion designer.

Hes a twin

Kacavas is a Method Actor and Model from Manchester, New Hampshire in the United States of America. He has been spacious upon social media subsequent to many buddies upon Tik Tok and Instagram. He is of Greek descent and has two siblings, one of which is an identical twin. His intimates members have been approving of his acting career and have helped him pursue this alleyway. Kacavas recently started his acting career by now HBOs Euphoria in which he plays 18-year-earliest Cal Jacobs.


In the doing, he shares the conduct yourself of his childhood and how he was highly in venerate taking into consideration his high college best pal, Derek (Henry Eikenberry). While the young Cal isnt the unqualified boyfriend, hes a pleasing boy who has a lot to pay for.

Despite his rushed tenure in Euphoria, Kacavas made quite the heavens following viewers. He has conventional much conclusive feedback for his doings and was even nominated for a Critics Choice Television Award. He is a gifted actor and is no consider going places as soon as his craft. He is as well as a student at NYU Tischs School of the Arts for drama. He studied at the Lee Strasberg Studio and has been trained as a Method actor. He has a number of roles to his bank account, including HBO Maxs Euphoria and Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin.


In partner in crime to his pursuit as an actor, he is a model and a sports artiste. He moreover has a few tattoos upon his body. He loves travelling and enjoys spending era following his intimates. He has an extensive social media presence and often posts pictures of himself at actions and photoshoots. Currently, he is energetic upon a film called The Lost Wages. The film will star Zendaya and Angus Cloud. He is a big addict of music and has been seen singing along in addition to than his favorite songs. He is an animal devotee and protects their rights. He has a pet dog named Daisy. He has a beautiful smile and is deeply popular upon the Tik Tok app.

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