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Education News is a source of news about education policy and public education. Its articles deal with a wide variety of topics ranging from reducing the teacher shortage to the introduction of mobile-based devices that take learning outside of the classroom.

Mobile-Based Devices Have Taken Learning Outside The Classroom

Many students are now taking advantage of mobile-based devices to enhance their learning experiences. The benefits of these gadgets include increased creativity and productivity, improved motivation, and increased independence. However, there are also challenges that come with using them.

While there are some concerns raised by teachers and students, proper training and supervision can address them. It may also be useful to develop new methods to make the most of this technology.

Mobile devices, particularly iPads, have a huge impact on learning. They are portable, easy to use, and have a wide variety of applications. Students are able to perform several useful tasks with them, including taking notes, taking pictures, and collaborating on written work.

Mobile devices can also be used to enhance student-teacher interactions. With mobile devices, a student can be connected to an instructor and other students at the same time. This type of interaction can improve learning, since it offers a variety of opportunities for student-teacher collaboration.

School Leaders are Shifting Resources From Combating The Waning Virus to Addressing Ccademic Crises

A recent survey of school leaders in England by the National Foundation for Education News Research (NFER) found that only 70% of the curriculum was covered by teachers in July 2020, and that students were three months behind in learning. In addition, only 30% of teachers thought they had the power to influence policymaking.

In spite of the challenges, school leaders have shown that they are taking positive steps in addressing their school’s needs. They have been able to identify key areas of concern, such as the need for more health and social services, and a more integrated approach to ensuring the physical and mental well-being of the school population.

As a result, it is important for educational authorities to develop strategies that will help ensure that no one is left behind, even during school reopenings. It is also important to develop co-operation between stakeholders to ensure a smooth implementation of initiatives.

One of the most critical areas of concern during school reopenings is ensuring the well-being of vulnerable students. This includes those from immigrant and refugee backgrounds, as well as students from single-parent families. Students from these groups may have experienced trauma, including grief or physical abuse.

Strategies to Reduce the Nation’s Teacher Shortage

Teacher shortages have been a long-standing problem in the United States. However, a growing body of research indicates that the problem is even worse than previously thought. It is a real problem that reaches across all 50 states.

The report examines the causes and effects of teacher shortages, identifying the key factors that have contributed to the problem. It also offers evidence-based solutions to help strengthen the nation’s educator workforce.

One of the key issues with teacher attrition is poor working conditions. Teachers are more likely to leave the teaching profession when they feel disrespected by the job and the community. Another issue is low pay. Research has shown that teachers are paid an average of 23.5 percent less than their peers.

High turnover is also a problem because it disrupts relationships between adults and students. This can make it hard to implement new initiatives and create coherent instruction.

Teachers are most vulnerable to attrition when they work in schools that serve students of color. These students tend to attend schools with more novice teachers. They also experience greater burnout rates.

Conservative School Boards are Firing Superintendents

One of the most visible efforts of the conservative movement has been a push for local school board elections. This effort has produced a number of successful candidates, with many districts gaining a conservative majority. However, these elections have also created a number of issues for some school district leaders.

The Parent Revolt program, sponsored by the Republican National Committee, aims to flip as many school boards as possible to the conservative side. The program, which recruits and trains candidates, includes virtual training and a network of other groups that can help candidates in person.

The group has endorsed winning school board candidates in Wisconsin, Virginia and North Carolina. It has also enacted parental rights bills. But it has been increasingly critical of a growing number of school districts that have adopted critical race theory, the idea that race is a social construct.


According to the group, the “critical race theory” concept embeds itself into school policies and legal systems. Some districts have even tried to ban certain books from classrooms, including sexually explicit ones and LGBTQ texts.

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