Eating Police – 4 Principles Of Intuitive Eating

Eating police are judgmental diet culture voices that make you feel bad for your choices. They keep you stuck in a cycle of guilt, shame and deprivation. While it is impossible to completely eliminate these people, you can use a variety of techniques to protect your space from their triggering messages. These tactics will be very individual and context-specific, but they are worth exploring.

They’re A Voice In Your Head

Are you listening to a voice in your head that tells you what to eat and how much? These nagging thoughts are known as the food police. These voices can be inside your own head or from external sources such as friends, family, and social media. They are based on the idea that foods are good or bad, and can lead to a harmful relationship with food. In this article, we’ll talk about how to identify and challenge these voices so that your intuitive eating can take the reins. You can also become more aware of the nutrition ally voices in your life that offer supportive feedback and helpful data on your food choices. Identifying and rejecting the 먹튀폴리스 helps you get back to a place of food peace, where your decisions are based on health and satisfaction rather than external rules and deprivation. This is an important step in your journey to food freedom!

These policing thoughts, rooted in diet culture tales, can keep you from viewing your food choices as normal. They can turn your meals into a black and white experience where every choice is either good or bad. This can be damaging to mental health, and even physical health if adhered to. This week we’ll discuss the fourth principle of Intuitive Eating, “Challenge the Food Police.” This is a critical part of making peace with food.

They’re A Judgment

The first step is to recognize the Food Police for what they are: negative self-talk that interferes with your ability to make healthy choices. The second step is to find techniques that will help you to deal with unwanted opinions. These may include breathing exercises, feeling your body grounded to the ground beneath you, and observing and letting thoughts pass by without judgement. You can also discuss these options with your Dietitian or Health Professional to see if they will work in your situation.

The Knapp Commission report on police corruption described two specific classes of corrupt officers, whom they called “Meat Eaters” and “Grass Eaters”. The former classification referred to petty corruption under peer pressure and the latter to aggressive premeditated major corruption. Both types of corruption can be extremely damaging to a force. In fact, the Knapp report suggested that a single corrupt officer can be enough to bring down an entire force.

They’re A Set Of Rules

The fourth principle of Intuitive Eating is “Challenge the Food Police.” This is a way to stop diet culture thinking from dominating your relationship with food. This is difficult, and it will take time to break old habits. But it’s worth the effort if you want to be free from the Food Police. Food police are the voices that tell you what you can and cannot eat. They may be external or internal, and they can lead to unhealthy eating habits. They often stem from the judgmental messages of diet culture. They can also be the negative voices of friends and family who give advice on how to eat.

The Knapp Commission Report on Police Corruption defines two specific types of corrupt police officers, called “Meat-Eaters” and “Grass-Eaters.” Grass-eaters are those who engage in petty corruption such as shaking down business owners for protection money or taking bribes. Meat-eaters are those who actively seek out corrupt activities and exploit opportunities for personal gain.

They’re A Form Of Deprivation

The food police are the negative thoughts, beliefs and rules that you have about what to eat. They are often formed from diet culture – things you have heard, seen or read. They can be a major hindrance to your freedom around food and health. Working to challenge the food police can be a long process, but it is well worth the effort. Once you have unpacked a few years of dieting, you can live a life free from them. Police officers who solicit five, ten or twenty dollar payments from contractors, tow-truck operators, gamblers and other business owners – but do not pursue corruption – can be referred to as “meat eaters”. The term is also used for police who accept bribes from criminals.

Last Word

Do you have a little voice in your head that judges your food choices? One of the 10 principles of intuitive eating is to challenge these “food police” type thoughts. These are called cognitive distortions and negative self-talk and usually stem from diet culture.

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