Easily Distracted? These Jobs Are Made for People Who Get Bored Easily

Despite its clear advantages, one significant drawback to the digital age is our exposure to endless distractions—we never seem to get a break, constantly checking things on Google, responding to WhatsApp messages, and finding excuses to visit Amazon.

We know too little about what long-term impact living in the digital world will have on our brains. However, the latest psychological research indicates that excessive social media usage can lead to deficits in concentration, empathy, and social skills and increased narcissism and life dissatisfaction. Also, Recruitment can help to get employee easily.

Lately, the more extreme idea that our inability to be offline may have damaging intellectual and cultural consequences is no longer unusual.

Specifically, our addiction to all forms of digital distractions, especially social media, has led to a spike in productivity-related research. Moreover, we have found that organizations have become very reliant on it.

According to Dustin Flick at WhateverCoach, one solution to the baneful impact of distractions might be finding a career that provides a sufficient number of distractions that fit your personality type. It’s generally understood that people’s temperaments, talent, and innate qualities make up their overall personalities.

Those traits will be amplified as talent if you find a job or task that matches your natural inclinations and proclivities. When you find an environment where your natural proclivities are rewarded, your likelihood of being a high performer will be substantially higher.

So, with all these pointed out, here are four occupations that would benefit from someone with your behavioral patterns. You might consider these careers if you’re often distracted by a job or problem for extended periods.

1. Entrepreneur

You may not get a job as diverse as this in any other career, from coming up with a good idea acquiring the resources necessary to execute it, engaging with key players, and then developing your own business and moving it in the right direction.

No more redundancy and predictability because now you’re your boss. This research found that entrepreneurs have higher openness to experience than managers and leaders.

It means that they are more likely to be curious, interested in variety and novelty, and less likely to tolerate routine and predictability. As a result, they also tend to develop broader skills and expertise than other professionals.

2. PR/Media Production

For some people, continuously focusing on the same task can be difficult. If this sounds more like you’re interested in communications, you may also be interested in public relations or media production careers.

PR professionals usually have to speak to very different people across various industries and workplaces so that no matter what news is breaking, there’s always work to be done.

3. Consultant

It may not be for everyone, but it may be wise to consider consulting for those looking for some different work. There are various types of consulting jobs, but the flexible schedules of this type of job are favorable to those looking for a fair amount of change.

Remember that expertise is the preferred currency of consulting. So, what you know doesn’t matter as much as how much you’re willing to learn.

4. Journalist

If you are the type of person with a hyperactive mind, journalism may be a viable option because it blends aspects of the other three occupations mentioned.

It would help if you behaved like an entrepreneur, were open and reactive to the news and events in the real world, and were able to talk about different topics, always exploring new questions.

You need to learn from your distractions and be less sentimental about what you know than what you can learn.

Wrap up

To conclude, you shouldn’t stress if you struggle to improve your attention because patterns of focus and distraction are all part of we are and what makes you who you are.

Therefore, a better approach to improving your job performance and maximizing your career potential is identifying a career that naturally fits your disposition. Skip your passions and go with your personality.

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