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Ducted vs. Ductless Heat Pump: What’s the Difference?

Do you have a heating system in your home? Ductless Heat yes, if you live in a cold climatic region! So, you must be aware of ductless and ducted heat pumps. Though both have diverse features, you cannot regard any as superior to the other. The reason is that each type has its benefits and drawbacks. Hence, this article will focus on ducted vs. ductless heat pump: what’s the difference? 

What is the Role of a Heat Pump?

A heat pump is another name for a mini-split. The role of the pump is to transport heated air from one region to another. It is an eco-friendly way that is much more efficient than the traditional way of burning fuels to generate heat. So, these pumps are much more affordable than furnaces.

Despite the name, this pump does not just produce heat. Instead, it can also function as an AC for your home. It is done by simply retrogressing the process. It eliminates heat from the indoor air and transports it outdoors. Also know more about Submersible Pond Pump here


Though heat pumps transport air from one place to another, it is not ideal for the colder regions (where there is less heat). So, if you are an inhabitant of a cold climate, this pump is a perfect choice for you.

What are the Types of Heat Units?

There are two main varieties of mini-splits available in the market:

Ductless Pumps

These pumps function by just blowing the conditioned air directly indoors. These systems are ideal for heating small spaces, as they cannot circulate air throughout the home.

What are the benefits?

There are many situations in which ductless pumps are an ideal choice, some of which are as follows:

  • These pumps are slightly invasive as they only demand a minute hole in the wall.
  • They are much more affordable than installing ductwork in your building.
  • You can easily personalize it to match the optimum temperature setting for every room.
  • Highly efficient as it reduces the heating cost by 60% when compared to an electric resistance system. Besides, it reduces the cooling cost by 30% as compared to the traditional AC systems.
  • The power companies offer rebates to the customers.
  • Easy to install in any space like ground, wall, or roof.

What are the drawbacks?

Unluckily, independently heating your rooms using a ductless version has many drawbacks as informed by Robert Jivram of Bright pest control:

  • Though it is much safer and has a better appearance than window AC systems, it does not have a home design award. The reason is that they jut out from the walls, and become prominent, regardless of how sleek the design they have.
  • So, if you want to vary your house temperature, you must change each thermostat separately. You won’t be able to do this on your own. Hence, you should hire an experienced Dryer vent cleaning in Suwanee, GAThe expert will use a unique formula to determine the correct unit size, which is vital for the system’s efficient functioning.
  • Expensive Installation
  • Only ideal for small spaces.
  • Require regular maintenance. You must clean the filters every month, or you will have to eventually hire a Commercial Air Duct and Dryer Vent Cleaning in Suwanee, GADucted Pumps

As mini-splits transport heat from the external surrounding into your home (vice versa), a geothermal version (connected to the ground) uses a water body (or underground source) to generate heat. After this, the systems circulate heat throughout the home through ducts.

What are the benefits?

  • Most preferred option when people plan to install pumps in their homes. People find ductwork a convenient choice for homes.
  • Highly efficient and operative. It delivers three times more heat than it consumes from the source.
  • Convenient as it allows extension of the duct system throughout the home. So, you may require a single system to heat your entire space.
  • You can seal the vents in the rooms that are not in use.
  • The walls veil the ducts, so unappealing components are hidden.
  • You can easily find contractors who are experts at installing ducted systems.

What are the drawbacks?

Though ducted versions are commonly used, they are not best for every space:

  • Costly, troublesome, and time taking installation
  • Ductwork can trap dust and filth, causing allergies and bothering you.
  • Contaminants can invade your indoor space causing health issues.
  • Ductworks tend to get blocked, leading to repairs.
  • Dripping ducts diminish the efficiency of the pumps. Hence, causing a rise in your energy bills. Experts claim that almost 20% of the air transported via the ducted system escapes via leakages or improper connections.

Why are Ducted Units Better?

When we talk about mini-splits, the installation cost is high. However, it is offset by lower operating costs and discounts offered. And when we talk about ducted vs. ductless heat pumps, a ducted version may require a detailed installation as these offer a more integrated appearance. Hence, a majority of you might like it better over the indoor feature of the ductless units. Moreover, the ductless systems also require space to channel out condensate water for each interior air handler.

Also, the majority have a better understanding of the ducted units, as the ductless systems are relatively new in the market. Also, ducted units ensure good airflow, filtration system, and humidity regulation, so there is no reason to dislike them.

So, when you decide, you should keep in mind the blueprint and structural design of your building to pick the best heating unit. The installer will determine the ideal location for every unit and correctly size it to guarantee the right temperature and humidity regulation.

However, only a reliable and experienced contractor can help you interpret the ideal unit for your space. For example, they might review your home photos or carry out a home visit before installation.

On the contrary, finding qualified contractors for ductless versions is not easy to find. You may look for referrals, review client testimonials, consider their years of service experience, and visit them before hiring. Hence, it will save you from a significant loss.

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