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Are Drone Surveys Quicker than Traditional Surveying Techniques?

You have come to the right place if you are looking for a drone survey company in London. To ensure that our drone roof inspections are flawless, we use cutting-edge drone technology and an experienced team. We can keep our charges competitive and our service swift because we concentrate on drone surveys.

You will receive an effective and efficient survey when you employ our surveying team. Inspections by drone or UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) can be completed

very quickly, of course depending on the size of the property to be surveyed, a terraced house can easily be photographed in 20 – 30 minutes. The turnaround time for receiving data is quick. Before you know it, you will have your videos and photographs in the cloud and be ready to share with your clients

Why are Drone Services required?

If you are familiar with roof and building inspections, you are aware of the difficulties that conducting a survey can entail. Not only must you consider obtaining an exact and complete understanding of the structure or roof, but you must also consider minimizing interruption. Some examinations will also necessitate the use of sophisticated equipment and a significant amount of time for setting up other equipment.

Any Drone Survey Company in London offers a variety of UAV based services whether you need a roof or building check. Many people mistakenly believe that drone roof inspections are difficult and confusing. This, however, is far from the case.

Every detail will be picked up by a drone roof inspection and its operator’s gather comprehensive, in-depth, and clear pictures of the area. You do not have to be concerned about this when using a drone. Drone surveys are quick, quiet, and unobtrusive.


What makes a drone great for roof inspections?

Unmanned aerial vehicles or systems operate remotely and do not require a human worker to be present on the rooftop throughout the inspection process. The usage of drones saves both the inspection business and the building owner a lot of valuable money that could otherwise be used for repair purposes.

Inspection time reduction: Drone inspections do not necessitate the transportation, assembly, or setup of large access equipment. As a result, the time spent doing the actual inspection following the planning is reduced. A drone inspection is also considerably easier and faster to plan than a traditional inspection.

Using scaffold, ladders or even cherry pickers to raise the surveyor to an acceptable level to see the situation.

Cost-saving: Drones can save money on inspections in a variety of ways. It reduces the amount of equipment, labour, and time required. As a result, there is no need to insure the workers or the equipment.

Reducing the dangers: Roof inspections using traditional manual methods are typically difficult, time-consuming, and dangerous. Falls from ladders, collapsing roofs, electrocution, getting locked in restricted places, and other hazards are all potential health and safety concerns.

Data that is useful and actionable: Drones have other advantages, such as the capacity to acquire more extensive, accurate, and usable data, in addition to lowering inspection time, hazards, and costs. Drones are useful to people looking for safe, rapid, and cost-effective inspection solutions.

Inspections that are precise and repeatable: Finding leaks, insulation failure, and other flaws on a roof can be difficult, especially if they are not evident with the human eye. Adding pertinent sensors to the drones, such as RGB, Lidar and infrared cameras, can help them detect leaks, insulation collapse, and other roof issues.

Drone Surveys in London

It is critical to recruiting the assistance of a professional team when conducting drone surveys in London. Drone surveys are an accurate and economical way to inspect a roof, building, or site when operated by a professional team. This is why a large number of surveyors and building inspectors prefer aerial surveys to other types of surveying methods.

Working within any city or conjectured building area always has its additional risks, operating any UAV in close proximity to any public area needs very careful planning.

Certainly, within the UK the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) needs to be informed if the chosen area is within an NFZ (No Fly Zone). As part of training and the holders of a PfCo (Permissions for Commercial Operations) certification, we have to apply for permissions to operate.

Drone Inspection Through Our Services

There is no questioning the need for roof and building inspections, but that does not mean they are always simple operations. Roof surveys and drone building inspections are two services we provide.

We recognize the importance of surveys and inspections and have devised a method for keeping things simple. A drone examination can be in some circumstances a complex operation from start to finish, however, a decent drone survey company will be able to help with proving the correct services.


Roof inspections using drones are safer, faster, and less expensive. They also allow inspectors to obtain a broader range of data that is more accurate. Traditional manual methods typically have various drawbacks, and businesses may avoid them owing to high prices, increased dangers, and time-consuming inspections.

Drones, on the other hand, deliver more cost-effective and speedier examinations, obtaining data reports for any surveyor or engineer has never been easier.

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