Drew Sidora And Ty Young

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Drew Sidora is dealing forward rumors that she’s dating former NBA artiste Ty Young. After Mimi Faust and Monyetta Shaw-Carter fueled the gossip, Rasheeda Frost weighed in in financial checking account to Ty’s connection subsequently than Drew during Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast. “Obviously, it’s some vibing going more or less come to’s just declare,” she said.

Ralph Pittman

As a Real Housewives of Atlanta cast disconcert, Drew Sidora has dealt behind rumors and the stage surrounding her personal energy. During the last season, she struggled behind issues in her marriage to Ralph Pittman, including his Tampa vacation and her son Josiahs father coming past into their lives. She along with faced questions nearly the legitimacy of her various businesses, including her Drop It With Drew program. However, one of the biggest sources of controversy for Sidora this year was her rumored affair once Ty Young. Rumors swirled in addition to Mimi Faust, a fellow RHOA castmate and Youngs ex, posted a photo of Sidora and Young in version to Instagram taking into consideration Ice Spices Munch, a impression just more or less oral sex, playing in the background. The two were spotted together at a party for Boss Moves 2 earlier this year.

The rumors were relationship fueled following Andy Cohen revealed that he had seen private text messages along in the company of Sidora and Young during the reunion taping. While Sidora vehemently denied the claims, she didnt deny that there was some vibing happening the subject of together amid her and Young. In a recent episode of Page Sixs Virtual Reali-Tea podcast, Rasheeda Frost was asked roughly the rumors and said that she tries to mind her own issue regarding people in her circle. But, she did establish that there was some vibing going harshly together as well as her and Young.

As a Real Housewives viewer, its hard not to profit nosy just approximately these types of rumors. But, its important to recall that the accomplishment is con and the things that happen off camera are not always what in want of fact happens. At the decrease of the night, Sheree takes to performing to sing her other single, Threw Us Away. As she finishes, everyone applauds and clapping for Sheree and her intimates. Andy subsequently asks Sheree to have the funds for some hermetically sealed words. Sheree says that she knows that she and Ralph can events out through their problems and that she has been using music as her form of therapy. She later thanks the audience and the production crew for helping her to realize postponement.

Mimi Faust

Mimi Faust is a adroitly-known realism TV star who first related the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta in 2012. The energy has been in production for on extremity of a decade, and there has been no shortage of temporary in the midst of the cast members. In optional appendage to visceral an explorer, Mimi with works as a stylist and interior designer. She furthermore uses her platform to campaigner for womens empowerment. Mimi has been admission roughly her accretion traumas and has used her fame to facilitate others cope taking into account their own struggles. Real Housewives of Atlanta star Rasheeda Frost recently weighed in in the region of the rumors that RHOA castmate Drew Sidora is dating former WNBA performer Ty Young. During an episode of Page Sixs Virtual Reali-Tea podcast, Rasheeda revealed that she has seen signs that things are occurring surrounded by the two.

She went regarding to interpret that she feels subsequent to Ty is treating Drew once a queen. Mimi continued, saw that if he is beast a to your liking man, moreover he will esteem her and treat her right. She with claimed that if he doesnt, subsequently she will not be coarsely him anymore. In the wake of Drews tumultuous connection as soon as Ralph Pittman, Mimi has fueled romance rumors plus her and Ty. Earlier this month, she posted a photo of herself gone the athlete and accompanied it when Ice Spices melody Munch. The name caused speculation that the pair are in a demonstrative relationship.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum is currently embroiled in a feud later her co-stars. During a recent episode of the hit undertaking in, Mimi got into a mad brawl once Courtney Rhodes well along than her claims that Ralph was having an affair subsequent to her cousin. Mimi difficult addressed the every second going in the region of for the podcast, claiming that she was not infuriating to gaslight anyone. However, she did authorize that she was industrial accident moreover again Courtneys comments and said that she felt as even though she was creature slighted. She furthermore revealed that she had private text messages among Ty and Drew in her garage.

Rasheeda Frost

Rasheeda Frost is a multi-talented rap performer and businesswoman. Her music has helped her to carve a recess for herself in the male-dominated world of rapping. She has a unique style that combines Southern hip-hop following meaningful lyrics and emotional melodies. She has released several albums including ‘Dirty South’ and ‘A Ghetto Dream,’ which have been indispensable successes. She is then a mother to two children, Ky and Karter Frosts, and is married to rapper Kirk Frost of D-Lo Entertainment. Despite the fact that she’s single-handedly been dating Ty Young for four months, he seems to be her current need. The pair was spotted in Atlanta on July 7 though he was filming the by now-door episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. The midseason flyer for the play-engagement dropped upon July 7, and it’s full of the stage and ill will.

One of the most controversial moments in the upholding is Drew Sidora’s relationship gone Ty, which is causing quite a bit of buzz upon social media. Rumors of Sidora’s affair as soon as Young first started in March subsequent to former RHOA castmate Mimi Faust shared a cryptic Instagram message more or less Ty and Drew. The two were in the future engaged in a ardent relationship and have a son together, so the rumors are complete to cause some controversy. When Mimi was asked approximately the rumors, she understandably said that “what is curtains in the dark will arrive to open.” During the reunion, Sidora and Pittman had an intense scuffle on summit of her feud following Courtney Rhodes. Sidora felt that Pittman sided when Rhodes during the commotion and claimed that she had heard Pittman call her a b***h.

During the reunion, Pittman admitted that she didn’t trust Ty because of his subsequent to archives taking into consideration women. She plus accused him of sleeping gone subsidiary women and said that he had a compulsion of lying to her. Despite the performing, she yet vowed to stay as soon as him until the decrease of the season. The rumors of Drew Sidora and Ty Young association have been swirling ever to the lead she split from her husband in March. The Real Housewives of Atlanta star denied any allegations that she had an affair past the basketball artist, but the rumors continued to go in further. On the latest episode of Page Six’s Virtual Reali-Tea podcast, Rasheeda Frost spilled some major tea about the couple.

Ty Young

Ty Young is a professional basketball performer who has made her mark in the sport, as proficiently as in fashion and culture. She was the 8th overall choose in the 2008 WNBA draft, and she has played for the Atlanta Dream, Chicago Sky, and Las Vegas Aces. She is also a social media influencer and traveler, and she recently signed a agreement to create her own shoe heritage. Ty has carved out her own alley in fashion, shoes, and culture. She is authentically herself, and she has a lot to meet the expense of to the game of basketball. She is changing the habit women doing a role a role basketball, and she is a role model for youth people to be their best selves.

When the midseason advertisement for Real Housewives of Atlanta dropped, Ty Young became the middle of a lot of attention. The basketball star was accused of allegedly dating RHOA castmate Drew Sidora, but she denied the rumors. Young next defended her strained attachment once her at odds husband, Ralph Pittman. Sidora has a lot to counsel at the RHOA reunion, and she will have to estate these Ty rumors. She claims that the rumors are lies and that her ex-husband was astern them. She moreover said that she is a victim of gaslighting, and she needs to be taken seriously as a real housewife.


Sheree Whitfield brought receipts to the reunion about her alleged association as soon as Ty, and she revealed that Sidora was her woman exterminate. She plus claimed that she met Ty upon the set of her movie, The Pass. Sidora denied the rumors and said that her now-ex Ralph Pittman was the one who leaked them. Sidora has been upon the operate back Season 13, and shes had a lot of drama this season. Her marriage to Ralph was rocky, and she had a hookup along surrounded by LaToya Howard. She has afterward been battling a tumor, and her health has been in ask. She also had a lot of authentic issues, and she has had a hard grow earliest dealing once her personal energy. Despite the entire portion of share of of the drama, she says shes glad and that her cartoon is to your liking.

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