Bullhorn Lip lift surgery in Dubai

Does Lip Lift Make Lips Bigger

Are you looking for a procedure that permanently exposes your upper teeth? Lip Lift Surgery can help but does it really make lips bigger? 

The never-ending craze of pouty lips has let everyone consider lip filler augmentation options. While the upkeep associated with injectables results in the need of repeating the same treatment every single time. This can be frustrating. Sure, one needs to take a surgical step for a lifetime benefit.

LIP LIFT? Surgical procedure that gives your lips a truly different pout! Simply put, it enhances the shape of lips and you can expect yourself under local anesthesia during surgery. The best part? Its results are more appealing without the need for monthly refills. Get more information about cosmetic surgery on Upper East Side NYC.

Lip lift surgeries trending for so long makes people wonder about the outcomes. The fans of big lips usually inquire: Does lip lift make lips bigger? Read ahead to find authentic answers to this query. As in this post, you can find everything related to lip lifts, lip augmentation, their outcomes, and possible cost.

So, what is Lip Lift?

Bullhorn Lip lift surgery in Dubai, as the name implies, it lifts the lip. The upper lip is moved into the proper position for appealing face outlooks. During surgery, surgeons shorten the space between lips and nose, to make the curves of lips prominent. The entire process is done under local anesthesia and takes less than an hour.

There is no use of implants or fillers in this procedure. Technically you would get truly loving lips that would make heads turn. The most usual targets of this surgery include:

  • Balancing lips shape
  • Giving Prominent lip line
  • Improving the smile

The Consultation

Before the surgery begins, there’s an important session that you shouldn’t miss. In this meeting, doctors inform you of the details of surgery while discussing your health history and cosmetic goals.

That being said, there should be a small number of upper teeth visible as an appealing gesture. You can tell your doctor which type of alterations you want, so they can implement the surgical techniques accordingly.

What happens on a big day?

By name, it’s surgery but trust me it’s not that complex. Even less than one hour and you are surely good to leave the clinic. No long recovery periods or painful downtimes! Because lip lift doesn’t involve incisions. Just the upper skin of the lip is lifted and adjusted.

Patients should come with a natural face—no moisturizer, no serums, and surely no make-ups. The doctors will first give local anesthesia and begin with cleaning the skin. Then, the upper lip is carefully moved near the nose, while considering the desired results. Once it’s done, the wound is carefully closed with sutures, and patients are discharged home.

Note that: The surgical techniques are implemented as per your facial anatomy and what suits best in your condition. Each time, be sure to disclose your goals to catch amazing results.

Does Lip Lift make lips Bigger?

Bigger is always better when it comes to lips!

Lip lift surgery in Dubai address truly different problem still results in Pouty, Fuller and Big Lips. This surgery only intends to uplift your lips in a more appropriate direction. This way, the shapes of lips get improved which inevitably reveals big size. Without adding any artificial volume into the lips, this surgery yields the illusion of bigger lips.

While other lip filler treatments add artificial volume to lips— you can expect temporary results and never-ending post sessions to maintain the results.

Plump it! Fill it! Go on!

Your lips border is enhanced, you have truly pouty lips that exist for life, and surely it seems like a dream coming true. There would be no need to try, make-up techniques, lips moisturizers, and threading to get the plumper lips.—you can roll on with new, groomed you! 


The dramatic, beautiful change would arise in your lips. Go over the following benefits associated with this surgery.

  • Appealing looks
  • Zero maintenance
  • Balanced lips as per facial symmetry
  • Enhanced upper lips volume

The Cost

While the surgery cost varies broadly, prepare your budget from $2,500 to $5,000. Total estimated prices are only given at consultation which includes entire fees, operating room charges, anesthesia fees as well as post- consultations.

Exact estimates are only given at consultation.

The Takeaway

Lip lift surgery can be your decision if you demand pouty, prominent lips for a lifetime. Fortunately, the permanence of results is perhaps the greatest appeal with lip lift surgery. You can truly achieve it. Unlike temporary augmentations, there are absolutely no touch-ups.

Still, having fears? Want to inquire more about: Does lip lift make lips bigger? Prefer face-to-face consultations. Reach the nearest cosmetic surgery clinic and get yourself groomed!

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