Do Mechanical Keyboards Decrease Tiredness?

If you’re like most people, you spend at least a few hours a day typing. And that can take a toll on your body, whether you’re a student or a professional worker. But you can do a few things to decrease your tiredness and improve your typing and gaming performance. A mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard that uses individual mechanical switches for each key, as opposed to the rubber dome switches found in most traditional keyboards. These switches are designed to provide a tactile feedback and a satisfying “click” sound when a key is pressed. In this article, we will explore the idea of whether mechanical keyboards decrease tiredness and improve the overall typing experience.

They’re a little louder

Depending on the switch type, mechanical keyboard can be a little louder than other keyboards. This is because when you press the keys, there is a force transfer from your fingers to the switch under them. If you find that your mechanical keyboard is too loud for you, there are a few things that you can do to dampen the noise. One way is to use a desk mat or place foam in the keyboard’s base. Another is to install or replace o-rings on the switches. O-rings help reduce the click sound and can be an affordable solution.

In addition, lubricating the switches and stabilizers can also help to reduce noise. Amazon carries some good options for mechanical keyboard lubricant. Mechanical keyboards are designed to provide a more comfortable typing experience. The individual mechanical switches offer a much more tactile and responsive experience compared to traditional rubber dome keyboards. This can help to reduce the amount of effort required to type, leading to less fatigue over time. Furthermore, mechanical keyboards typically have a higher actuation point, which means that keys are registered with less pressure, reducing the strain on your fingers.

They’re a little heavier

If you’ve ever sat at a computer for long periods and noticed that your wrist was tired, then switching to a mechanical keyboard might be the answer. This is because mechanical key switches are a little heavier than other keyboards and therefore require less physical impact to press a key. The distance a key needs to be pressed down to register as an input is called the actuation distance. It varies from key to key, but most mechanical keyboards have an actuation distance of around 2 mm. Mechanics are also much more durable than standard keyboards, which means they’ll last much longer and won’t wear out as quickly. For example, Cherry MX switches are rated to last between 20 and 50 million keystrokes, depending on the model.

Another benefit of mechanical key switches is that they’re far more tactile than membrane or rubber dome switches, making them feel more satisfying. They can help you improve your typing speed and accuracy, decreasing tiredness. Mechanical keyboards often offer a higher level of customization compared to traditional keyboards. This includes customizable key switches, keycaps, and even lighting effects. This level of customization allows users to tailor their keyboard to their specific needs, which can lead to a more enjoyable typing experience and reduced fatigue.

They’re a little more expensive

Mechanical keyboards are a little more expensive than other keyboards, but they’re worth the extra cost if you want a better typing experience. They can also help decrease your tiredness since they feel more satisfying. A membrane keyboard, for example, comprises a layer of rubber domes and an electronic system that sends an electric signal to your computer. This means that the keys are either mushy or snappy when you press them, depending on how you press them. A mechanical keyboard uses plastic switches beneath each key to register a keypress. The switches can be a variety of shapes and designs, but the most popular are Cherry MX switches.

Different switch types can allow you to customize your keyboard for specific tasks or activities, such as gaming. You can even replace the switches on a mechanical keyboard to better match your work style or gaming. Traditional rubber dome keyboards are prone to wear and tear, and the keys can become mushy over time, reducing the tactile feedback. On the other hand, mechanical keyboards are built to last and can last for years without significant wear and tear. This not only improves the typing experience, but it also means that users are less likely to have to replace their keyboard, reducing the overall cost in the long run.

They’re a little more complicated

A mechanical keyboard is a little more complicated than other keyboards because they use small switches to register keystrokes instead of a rubber pad on a printed circuit board. This means you have a much more tactile feel than other keyboards that use rubber dome technology, which is what most keyboards use today. Moreover, it also helps to decrease tiredness by reducing wrist fatigue and discomfort. This was proven in a study that compared five different mechanical key switches with differing force-displacement characteristics on forearm muscle activity, typing performance, Fitts Study task performance and subjective fatigue.

Unlike membrane keyboards that use a single rubber dome, mechanical keys use small switches with dedicated circuit traces. This ensures that you always get the same feeling when registering keys. Mechanical keyboards are often more ergonomic than traditional keyboards. Many mechanical keyboards offer adjustable height and angle options, allowing users to find the most comfortable typing position. This can help to reduce the strain on the hands, wrists, and arms, leading to less fatigue and a reduced risk of injury.


It is clear that mechanical keyboards offer a number of benefits compared to traditional keyboards, including a more comfortable typing experience, increased durability, and improved ergonomics. These benefits can help to reduce fatigue and improve the overall typing experience, making mechanical keyboards a wise investment for anyone who spends a significant amount of time typing on a computer. Whether you are a professional writer, a gamer, or simply someone who spends a lot of time typing, a mechanical keyboard is an investment worth considering.

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