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Colored Grout Sealer – Caponi Review

Meta Description: Here is a detailed review of the colored grout sealer – Caponi by a home restorator who needed a sealant in a particular shade.

Home restoration is a never-ending task. You get the best results using the finest products. In this article, I shall review an amazing colored grout sealer that I have used myself.

A Bit About Me

Hello, My name is Bernice Bailey and I am from Florida. I am a believer in DIY projects, especially when it comes to home restoration. I feel that when I restore my home myself, I tend to add a personal touch to my home, I give my 100% and also end up saving a lot of money. Another reason why I prefer to restore myself is that I like to try on different variations on my surfaces to see which result looks the best. Sometimes, I myself am not sure about the outcome, and yet I feel like trying it on. The money that I save from these DIY restorations, I use it to entertain guests and throw parties. So you see, It is a win-win situation for me!!

In this particular section, I will discuss in detail about colored grout sealing.

What is Colored Grout Sealing and Why did I want it?

Well, let me tell you first that I am obsessed with my home flooring. I keep it spic and span at all times and if I see any crack in the grout or tile, I immediately repair it. I have a travertine flooring in a delightful tan and muddy brown shade. My interiors are done in shades of rust, orange, beige and grey. So, you see, my tan and brown travertine flooring compliments my interiors.

My grout shade was a dull brown, in fact, it was matching to the tile and was hardly ever noticed. The entire tiling was done in a seamless pattern. I was thinking about getting my house ready for my weekend get-together when I thought why not add a colored grout twist to my flooring!!

I thought if I could paint my grout in a characteristic shade of neutral orange, it might look great with my interiors. It will also restore my floor and add a spark of brightness to the home decor.

I was contemplating painting the grout with any floor paint as I was sure there is nothing as a colored grout sealant. I knew grout sealants were available in very few color choices. I did not know that there are new and modern colored grout sealants available today that offer a wide choice of colors..

So, let me introduce you to an amazing Colored Grout Sealer – Caponi.

I was browsing the internet in search of a colored grout sealer available in multiple color options, when I chanced about Caponi from pFOkUS. I ordered it immediately. The product came within 2 days and the unboxing surprised me completely, as I never expected a restoration product to come so neatly packed.

I used Caponi after cleaning my floor tile and grout. I got the shade I was looking for in my grout – neutral hued rust orange. That itself was quite a bonus for me. When I further used Caponi as per the instructions written on the bottle, I could easily give my grout a new and permanently colored and sealed look.

So, if you ask me to rate this colored grout sealer, I would give it a full 10/10. These below are the following exceptional qualities I found in Caponi:

  • Power of Titanium

Many of us know that titanium metal is one of the most powerful ones ever found. It provides toughness and corrosion-resistance. So, when I read more about the ingredients and formula, I was impressed with Titanium. I knew that Caponi would provide lasting results to my grout. As I have been restoring my house myself for years, I knew that grout sealants wear off within a few months and you need to apply a new one if you want to make your grout waterproof. But, after using Caponi, it has been 2 years and my grout is waterproof ever since.

  • Multi-Faceted Use

By multi-faceted use, I mean Caponi not only seals the grout, but also paints it. I would call it the perfect colored grout sealant as it is suitable for all kinds of grout. You don’t need to buy different grout sealants for different grouts or different tile surfaces.

  • Available in more than 40 colors

The biggest benefit of Caponi is its availability in more than 40 colors. All the colors are in neutral hues and this way, it is possible to match the colored grout sealer to the color of the tile. Most grout sealants are available in either black, grey or white. But this one can be used as a decorative element on my flooring.

I would recommend all of you to buy Caponi to restore your floor, shower, countertop and wall grout. It is truly an amazing product that would get rid of frequent grout issues like grout discoloration, grout cracking, staining or mold occurrence.

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