CDMO Samsung Biologics Earns EcoVadis Award for Sustainability

Contract development and manufacturing organization Samsung Biologics has been awarded the EcoVadis’ Platinum Sustainability Rating, placing it in the top 1% of over 100,000 evaluated companies. Samsung Biologics was given the award in acknowledgment of the CDMO’s exceptional sustainability practices in areas like environmental stewardship, labor and human rights, ethics, and procurement.

“The platinum rating underscores our sustainability leadership and reflects our unwavering commitment to decarbonization, ethics, and responsible business practices,” said John Rim, president and CEO of Samsung Biologics. “We understand that sustainability is increasingly important to all our customers and this latest accreditation reaffirms our mission in creating a healthier future for society through better services and business practices.”

Emissions Reductions

At the core of its sustainability ethos, Samsung Biologics has adopted ambitious environmental targets, aiming for zero greenhouse gas emissions and transitioning to 100% renewable energy by 2050. These goals align with the broader pharmaceutical industry’s pivot toward greener manufacturing practices and supply chains.

The CDMO’s environmental, social, and governance strategies are meticulously outlined in its 2023 ESG report. Noteworthy is its commitment to reducing direct emissions from its facilities by 32% and suppliers’ emissions by 36% by 2030. Samsung Biologics plans to leverage renewable energy certificates and power purchase agreements to achieve these reductions as it progresses toward its target goal.

“Alongside our work to eliminate carbon emissions from our own operations, we believe that the primary way to effectively tackle global climate challenges is by engaging with our suppliers and partners to amplify our collective impact and find solutions to decarbonize at all levels,” said Rim in a statement in the ESG report.

Sustainability Initiatives

Samsung Biologics’ commitment to sustainability is further underscored by its participation in initiatives such as RE100, an international corporate renewable energy initiative aiming for 100% renewable electricity. The CDMO has foregrounded the establishment of an ESG management system that integrates sustainability into the heart of its business operations, and this has led to involvement in several sustainability objectives. The company’s membership in these programs is meant to highlight its commitment to environmental stewardship, as well as position it as a leader in the sustainable transition of the pharmaceutical industry to renewables and zero emissions.

Samsung Biologics is actively involved in the Sustainable Markets Initiative. The SMI, launched at the World Economic Forum 2020 annual meeting in Davos, Switzerland, aims to facilitate a worldwide, coordinated effort to accelerate the transition to a sustainable economy. Within this framework, Samsung Biologics is actively contributing to setting standards and metrics for achieving net-zero emissions. It’s particularly focused on establishing green energy solutions and power purchase agreements in Asia, and it’s the lone CDMO in the SMI’s Supply Chains Working Group, where it works alongside global health care leaders to address and reduce carbon emissions within supply chains — a significant contributor to the industry’s overall environmental impact.

Other Awards

Samsung Biologics has been recognized with several other awards in addition to the EcoVadis Platinum rating. These accolades include the SMI’s Terra Carta Seal, bestowed for demonstrating a concrete and innovative road map to achieve net zero before 2050 and for a broader commitment to sustainable markets.

“We are honored to be recognized with the Terra Carta Seal by the Sustainable Markets Initiative for Samsung Biologics’ contribution in working alongside our industry peers for this global effort,” said Rim in a January 2023 statement. “Health care is at a pivotal moment and through our collaborative efforts, we can contribute to shaping climate-resilient practices to influence and help shape policy across the pharmaceutical and health care sectors.”

Additionally, the CDMO was added to the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, which includes companies that demonstrate an outstanding commitment to environmental issues.

Sustainable Facilities and Supply Chain

Samsung Biologics has also undertaken the construction of new facilities with an emphasis on environmental sustainability. The construction of Plant 4, dubbed the “Super Plant,” showcases its commitment to eco-friendly manufacturing, utilizing solar photovoltaic generators and eco-friendly refrigerants.

Plant 5 is expected to be operational by April 2025, and the CDMO emphasized that it will continue its push for sustainable construction with the new facility. The plant is the first of several planned for Samsung Biologics’ new Bio Campus II, which will be dedicated to sustainable biopharmaceutical manufacturing.

These efforts are part of a larger movement within the pharmaceutical industry toward sustainability. The industry is increasingly adopting greener supply chain and manufacturing practices, driven by a recognition of the environmental impacts associated with pharmaceutical production. Companies across the sector are exploring ways to reduce their carbon footprint, enhance energy efficiency, and manage waste more sustainably. Samsung Biologics’ initiatives represent a significant contribution to this shift, demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of integrating sustainability into a pharmaceutical company’s core business strategy.

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