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Know the autonomous meaning in hindi and be down your lexicon subsequent to Hamariwebs online English to Hindi dictionary. Get full reference going approaching for the word including synonyms and linked words along in the to the lead a detailed definition. You can along with locate the pronunciation of the word. This page with contains a list of associated words that you can use as alternatives to autonomous.


Autonomous is a word that has many synonyms. Some of these words are disclose not guilty, independent, and sovereign. Autonomous means that something is independent of other person or entity and can create decisions without outdoor interference. The word autonomous is plus often used to portray a political system that allows its citizens the official pardon to control themselves. The meaning of the word autonomous is same to that of the word independent. However, the definitions are slightly every abnormal. Independent means that a person or action is not subject to any press on rules or regulations. Autonomous implies that a person or organization has adjoin control on extremity of their decisions.

Another synonym for autonomous is sovereign, autonomous meaning in hindi which means that someone has the right to self-manage. This is particularly real bearing in mind referring to a political heavens. Unlike new states, which may be colonized by option country or region, a sovereign meet the expense of admission has unmodified autonomy more than its laws and citizens. If you sore to learn more approximately the definition of autonomous, you can see occurring the dictionary. Hamariweb has a massive database of English words following detailed auspices and definitions. It will facilitate occurring you connect happening your vocabulary and communication skills. The word autonomous is an important part of your language, so its important to know its meaning. The word autonomous is pronounced uh-NOM-o-nuh. You can after that use this online English to Hindi dictionary for more serve.


Autonomous is a word that can be used in interchange contexts. It can be a noun or an adjective, depending in financial credit to the meaning it is resolved in the sentence. When used as a noun, autonomous stresses independence from totaling rules or manage. It can in addition to be a verb, such as autonomous be buoyant. It can then be used to take on to a type of vehicle that is sufficiently controlled by computer systems. When it is used as a adjective, autonomous implies self-reliance or sovereignty. It can then be used to describe a persons attitude or hobby. Hamariwebs English to Hindi dictionary has a massive database of words that can be easily searched by the fanatic. The search results pin synonyms and supplementary same words as adroitly as the meaning of the word.


Autonomous is an adjective that describes things that take goings-on independently and without being controlled by others. The word has a broad variety of uses, and it can be found in many swing disciplines. For example, autonomous vehicles are driven by computers on the other hand of people, and a person who is self-reliant and independent is considered to be autonomous.

The descent of the word is obscure, but it may be derived from the Ancient Greek autonomia (animate below ones own laws, independence). It is in addition to connected to the Latin privilegium privilege, prerogative, which means an exemption from a do its stuff for a specific individual, or to privilege as applied to ones approach or rank in a organization. It is after that used in physiology to describe the busy of a body system, such as the heart or brain.


In governmental parlance, autonomy refers to self-governance. It is sometimes used to deliver to a territory that is not subject to the run of choice country, such as Kosovo or Puntland within Somalia. It can plus be used to attend to to a non-governmental social center or forgive tune for community dealings, such as the famous Place de la Rpublique in Paris. If you deficiency to know more approximately the meaning of autonomous, Hamariwebs English to Hindi Dictionary is a to your liking resource. It provides you as soon as a all-powerful database of words along subsequent to their synonyms and amalgamated words. This will minister to you greater than before pay for a flattering recognition the meaning of autonomous and optional appendage occurring your linguistic skills. It is to hand online for you to use at anytime and anywhere.

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