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General Motors Reclaims The Top US Automaker Spot From Japan’s Toyota Motor

General Motors overtook Toyota Motor in the US car market last year. Toyota held the top sales spot from 1931 until 2021, but General Motors won back the crown in 2022.In the last quarter of 2022, General Motors sold 41% more vehicles in the US than Toyota. The GM sales increase was driven by the Bolt and Bolt EUV electric vehicles.

Last year, GM also sold 754,876 pickups and 1.1 million SUVs. These trucks have been crucial to GM’s bottom line, as they pull heavy loads for customers. In the fourth quarter of 2022, the company’s pickups sold a record 41 percent more than the same period the previous year. Its SUVs sold a record 6.6% more.GM has shifted its focus to all-electric vehicles. Last year, the company’s Cadillac brand grew 75 percent and the Bolt and Bolt EUV EVs grew 41 percent. For the full year, the Bolt EV sold 38,120 units.

Stellantis Will Risk Losing Pricing Power As Chip Supplies Recover

During the recent CES, Stellantis announced a new business unit called Mobilisights. It will focus on data services, specifically for the car industry. The unit will be based out of the San Francisco area. According to its CEO, Sanjiv Ghate, the unit will enable insurers to tailor insurance products to meet the needs of the modern car consumer. During the CES, Stellantis also unveiled a prototype electric pickup truck. This is one of many new products the company has planned from now until 2030.

The company Automobile News is currently on a roll. They just posted record results for the first half of the year. In the last two quarters, they increased revenue by 12% and adjusted earnings by over four percent. And they’ve kept costs in check, with the result that they were able to pay a dividend of EUR 3.3 billion.

Tesla Slashed Prices For The Second Time In Three Months In China

Tesla slashed prices for the second time in three months in China to boost sales. The electric carmaker slashed the starting price of its Model 3 sedan by 13.5% to $33,515, and its Model Y long-range SUV by more than $7,000 to $82,975. These moves are part of a wider effort to boost demand for its output at the Shanghai factory.

However, despite the announcement, deliveries in China dipped in December to 55,796 from a year earlier. In fact, deliveries in China hit their lowest point in five months. The move is a sign that the electric carmaker may need to expand its sales footprint in lower-tier cities in order to compete with rivals. That’s a big worry, since the company only delivers the Model 3 and Model Y in China.

India Becomes The Third-Largest Auto Market Globally In 2022

India is expected to be the third largest auto market in the world in 2022, according to the latest industry data. The country is already the fourth largest light vehicle producer in the world. In January-November of last year, India’s car sales rose by 7 percent. In addition, the government has started subsidizing electric vehicles. These are likely to increase the volume of auto sales in the country.

The auto industry in India is predominantly focused on the domestic market. However, the government is also focusing on increasing the country’s competitiveness in the global automotive industry. Although India remains a relatively new player in the global auto industry, it’s set to grow steadily over the next decade. As a result, the country is expected to overtake Japan to become the third-largest car market in the world by the middle of the century.

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