Antique Furniture And Its Many Facets

Antique furniture is one of the most collectible forms of interior furnishing. Its age is significant, and its unique features make it desirable as a collector’s item.

Early Furniture Was Made Of Wood

Antique furniture can tell us a lot about the time and place it was made. Some pieces have markings that indicate the maker’s name, year and location of manufacture. Other factors are also helpful in determining a date. Early Antique furniture is generally made from wood and was pegged or joined. There were many different types of wood used, but the most common was oak. The wood is durable and can gain a beautiful patina after centuries of use.

Other types of wood used in the early period of furniture making were cherry, mahogany, walnut and rosewood. The wood may have been stained for a darker appearance. It is difficult to determine a wood’s age if it has been treated with stain. The dovetail joint is a very common construction feature in antique furniture. This is a highly skilled cabinet maker’s method of joining two pieces of wood together. This was used for centuries before machines were developed. It’s often found in drawer sides and cabinets.

Early Tudor Furniture Veers More Towards Gothic Aesthetics

One of the most intriguing aspects of early 20th-century suburban design is the early Tudor revival. The style is often attributed to being a mix of esoteric art deco, modernist, or a combination of the two. Despite the plethora of styles, it is difficult to say which came first. The good news is that a well-made early Tudor reproduction will provide a comfortable home for many years to come. The bad news is that early Tudor furniture isn’t all that cheap to boot. The best way to get a good deal is to shop around. The aforementioned Tudor aficionado is just the person you are looking for. If you want to get the ball rolling, contact your local early Tudor replica specialist. You’ll be glad you did! Just be sure to make your first call the old-fashioned way, or you may end up on the wrong foot.

Victorian Furniture May Have Been Functional

During the Victorian era, furniture was considered a status symbol. The newly rich were eager to display their newfound wealth, and expensive furnishings were a way of showing off their taste. A Victorian family would buy furniture to match their grand homes and spend a fortune on fabrics, furniture, and accessories.

The furniture industry boomed during the Industrial Revolution, and manufacturers began producing pieces on a large scale. During the same period, a new style of furniture started taking the design world by storm. This sites like Shopify was a mixture of classical and Victorian designs. The most common types of furniture of this era were made from mahogany and rosewood, and feature carved or gilded legs and backs. Chests of drawers were usually square or bow fronted and fitted with turned knob drawer pulls.

Ancient Egyptian Furniture

Ancient Egyptian furniture was mostly made from wood. Some furniture was made from woven rushes. In addition, some furniture was decorated with metal work and gilding. Many Egyptian items are preserved in tombs and pyramids. They are documented by fresco paintings and stone carvings.

Furniture was often carved to look like animals. Some stools were collapsible. Other furniture was carved to look like the legs of a gazelle. Some of the most expensive Egyptian furniture was decorated with gold leaf. It was made for the royal family. However, ordinary Egyptians had a lot of simple furniture. Some of the most common pieces were beds, stools, and tables. The most common type of Egyptian furniture was a low stool. A chair with a back became popular in the second half of the Old Kingdom. This chair was backed by curved braces. Some of these chairs were covered in upholstery to provide comfort.


However, Adding antique furniture to your home is a great way to add decor and history. These items are unique and come from all over the world. You can purchase antiques from flea markets, thrift stores, garage sales, online marketplaces, and auction houses. But you should do your research before buying any item.

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