Review of Japanese anime cartoons, fun, fun, that you must not miss!!

If anyone likes Japanese anime cartoons with spectacular colorful images. There is also a story that is fun and exciting. must not miss Review of Japanese anime cartoons that come with fun for friends. But each story that is introduced is a popular anime that has completely captured the hearts of anime fans. Because it has a fun and mesmerizing storyline that follows the imaginary world of Japanese anime.

In addition to the story, there will be characters that are interesting and interesting to follow. The storyline of the anime is still fun and addictive. whether it is a fantasy adventure anime The best friend genre or Japanese cartoon anime that tells the story of Japan’s history are all strung together in a story that is attractive and interesting, not less than the current general animation.

Because the anime cartoon has a beautiful tone. Unique beautiful colors including cute characters in the anime world so that friends who watch in the same way If friends want to know What anime manga reviews will there be? Let’s go see it!!

Japanese anime manga review It’s a must see that shouldn’t be missed!!

Howl’s Moving Castle Howl’s Magic Castle

Howl’s Moving Castle Howl’s Magic Castle A fun anime that takes everyone on a journey through the world of Wizard House adventures. formidable magical powers The story begins with a young woman named Sophie, who is only 18 years old. She runs a hat business out of town and she travels around town to visit her sister.

One day, as usual, she goes to visit her sister, but only finds a group of capable men trying to hurt her. Suddenly, a mysterious young man came to help. That incident entangles the Witch of the Wasteland and comes to Sophie at the Hatmaker.

A wasteland witch curses an 18-year-old woman, Sophie, to look like she’s getting old. with the condition that if she finds true love So she can return to her true form. Sophie sets out to find Wizard Howl so he can help unleash her curse. amidst the chaotic civil war situation Will Howl’s Wizard unleash her curse and save the city from war? Find out with Howl’s Moving Castle, Howl’s magical castle. Guaranteed to be fun and exciting for sure.

2. Your Name. Close your eyes and dream of your name

Your Name closed his eyes and dreamed of her name, another anime that was released in theaters and made a huge profit. It is an อนิเมะ created by Shinkai Sensei, who has unique and beautiful lines. More importantly, there is also a fun storyline in the romantic fantasy genre. It’s interesting to follow and exciting at the same time. The story begins with a young woman named Mitsuwa.

If anyone has seen this story, they probably remember the name of the heroine very well. Because it is a name that is often called and helps to remember among the hero’s questions. Mitsue lives in a village in the middle of a valley with beautiful views, but is a remote village with only a small school where Mitsue lives. with villages that are not as crowded as in cities Mitsue has a dream to go to study in Tokyo and live a young life like the girls of Tokyo.

Waking up one morning to the news that Saturn is getting closer and closer to Earth. which is a rare event Because it will happen 1,000 years. One morning Mitsue opens his eyes and finds himself in the body of a young man named Taki. He lives in Tokyo. She had to spend a full day as him to go to school and go home in Tokyo. until he woke up the next day to find himself in his normal body but turned around and found a note in the paper that said Who is she?

Makes Mitsue discover that She swaps bodies with a young man named Taki, so they create rules for living together. The story will meander How much fun will the two meet? Let’s follow in the anime “Your Name”. Close your eyes and dream of your name.

  1. Death note

Death note Investigative and thrilling anime that many people should not miss. It’s an anime based on a comic book. It generated a great response that it was even made into a movie. If anyone is a fan of detective and thrilling anime, this is it. The story begins with Luke, a grim reaper with the duty of eliminating people who have expired on Earth.

Luke’s incident Give Light Yagami a notebook. Even in the beginning, Light Yagami seems to be a good person, writing the names of the bad people on the death note only to make the world a better place. But day by day, he used more than what he had on hand. until causing the death rate of the villain to increase until it was not noticed The police then began investigating the story behind the man who killed the man in the same heart attack.

But it seems that whoever started investigating, Light Yagami began to eradicate the group over time. It has to rely on the talented and intelligent detective L. To track down Light Yagami, what will happen next? Let’s win and follow each other in the Death note.

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