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6 Winning Techniques Regarding Corrugated Boxes That Can Lead You to the Top

Corrugated boxes have grabbed a special place in the packaging industry. Specifically for product shipping, they are known best to keep products safe. However, there are always some points to improve to make the most out of them. Here are 6 winning techniques that you can use for these boxes to stand out in the market.

Make Them Right Fit

The best strategy to adopt for custom corrugated boxes is the design fitness to the products. Your boxes must be fit to the products you are going to pack in them. Whatever design, style, or shape you want to give these packages, do not ever leave empty spaces.

It is considered vital to measure the dimensions of your products to come up with the right fit designs and sizes. It has been witnessed that loose fit boxes provide space for the products to move freely, which results in damages. Also, it requires you to use filling materials that cause additional expenses.

By going for right fit boxes, you can avoid additional expenses that otherwise you may require to bear. So, while designing custom packaging solutions boxes, go with this strategy to stay ahead of the line.

Print Them Exceptionally

Exceptional Printing is also one of the useful techniques that you can utilize for cardboard corrugated boxes. This is vital for reaching out to a maximum number of customers in the market and spreading the brand message.

From storage to shipping, these boxes come across to a gigantic number of people. And Printing on them can play a key role in making people aware of the respective brand. Adding branding details, contact information, and other printing aspects can make printed cardboard boxes a tool for brand marketing. In this regard, you can also use printed sealing tapes.

Enhance Compression Strength

To make the most out of cardboard boxes for your business, the best way is to concentrate on their compression strength. This helps in increasing their durability. In this regard, you can perforate horizontal edges along with chemically treating the vertical edges.

It has been witnessed that the combination of chemical and mechanical treatments increases the strength and durability of these boxes. It makes it easy to stack piles on these boxes without the fear of compression. Using this tactic will increase their capability to bear the tough transportation and handling procedures.

Keep Edges Smooth

Frayed or rough edges of custom printed boxes do not make any good impression. To have a better finish, it is essential to remove them. Using 80 grit sandpaper in this regard is one of the simple and easy techniques. Sanding the rough edges will smoothen them.

For that purpose, there are multiple other techniques and tools that can be used. You can search for such techniques on the internet to use the most beneficial ones. Smooth edges of your boxes will increase the appearance of your products.

Use Appropriate Cutting Tool

For smooth edges, the usage of appropriate cutting tools is also important. For cutting cardboard, there are several tools that packaging manufacturers are using. You just have to choose the most appropriate one with better and exact cutting capabilities.

In this regard, Hacksaw or Reciprocating saw, X-Acto knife, Laser Cutters, and soldering iron are best-known tools. A lot of packaging experts refer to these cutting tools for getting exact and smooth cuts and edges.

Keep Product Protection at Priority

Product safety is another important element that you should be considered at high priority. A fragile or low-quality box could not keep the packaged item original for a long time. So, you need to ensure that a high-quality corrugated board is used in the manufacturing of these boxes.

These boxes are majorly used for shipping purposes. So, you should be making them resistant to the environment, bumps and jerks, or any kind of mishandling. Adding laminations along with filling empty spaces with inserts or paper beads will ensure the product’s safety in every aspect.

Using these winning techniques regarding corrugated boxes can help you lead your brand to the top in the competition. Strong and compact packaging always helps win the customer and achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

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