6 Benefits of Using Invisalign Over Braces

When your dentist recommends you use Invisalign in Seattle, you can be confident that you’re using one of the most effective, low-stress teeth straightening systems. With the mobile app: My Invisalign, you can track your progress and set aligner change reminders. Keep reading to learn why you should ask your Seattle dentist about Invisalign.

6 Benefits of Using Invisalign Over Braces

1. Increased Comfort

Even if you’ve never had braces, chances are you’ve heard from a friend or family member how painful they can be. Metal braces use tension caused by wires and brackets to force your teeth into their new position, and this process of having braces put on is often unpleasant. Unfortunately, it isn’t a one-time event, as the braces will have to be tightened throughout treatment, causing pain and discomfort each time.

Invisalign shifts your teeth gently, making it a more comfortable experience than wearing braces. Instead of having the wires on your braces painfully tightened, you’ll switch to the next tray in your treatment program. The trays are designed to gradually change the position of your teeth so that discomfort is minimized.

2. You Can Keep a Low-Profile

The subtly of Invisalign makes it an excellent alternative to braces for adults. If you already feel self-conscious about your smile, the thought of drawing more attention to your teeth is likely unappealing. While braces are impossible to conceal, Invisalign is nearly invisible, allowing you to feel confident wearing your aligner anywhere.

3. Using the Mobile App: My Invisalign

The My Invisalign mobile app is worth downloading if you’re considering using Invisalign to sculpt your ideal smile. This application has all the information you need right at your fingertips regarding how the process works and the results you can expect. You can also check your insurance coverage, request a consultation with a dentist, and visualize your future smile with Invisalign SmileView Technology.

If you’ve already begun perfecting your grin, you’ll still benefit from adding this application. Use the application to remind yourself when it’s time to change out trays, track your wear time, and see your smile improve using the Progress Photo Gallery.

4. Fewer Visits to Your Seattle Dentist

Traditional braces require numerous trips to the dentist. Your braces must be adjusted, tightened, and repaired frequently throughout your treatment.

Invisalign is better suited to busy individuals because it requires minimal visits to your care provider. In addition, the aligner makes it easy to clean your teeth properly, preventing dental visits to fix cavities, and isn’t prone to bending or cracking like traditional braces, allowing you to avoid repair appointments.

5. Invisalign Lets You Enjoy Seattle Cusine

Whether you’re a seafood connoisseur or Fran’s salted caramel fan, you’ll be happy to hear that Invisalign won’t make you forgo your favorite foods. Braces can make eating less enjoyable for even the most easygoing diner. For example, tooth sensitivity from adjusting your braces can prevent you from enjoying crispy, crunchy delights. You’ll also have to watch for chewy or sticky foods to ensure your braces aren’t pulled off your teeth.

Since you remove Invisalign before eating, you won’t find yourself wondering what you can eat. Instead, you’ll be able to enjoy whatever you’re craving without worrying about whether you’re compromising your dental progress.

6. Effortless Cleaning

Traditional metal braces are challenging to floss and brush around, turning what should be a simple hygiene habit into a frustrating ordeal. Additionally, since braces are affixed to your teeth, you can experience staining that is only visible after removal if you don’t brush adequately.

Invisalign aligners can be removed and cleaned easily, allowing you to brush and floss your teeth as you would normally. Being able to care for your teeth the way you usually would prevents you from worrying about staining or bacteria growing around your braces.

Gone are the days when having your teeth straightened was a complicated process. Don’t let the dread of dealing with uncomfortable and cumbersome braces keep you from achieving your dream smile. Invisalign is a practical, subtle option for creating a smile you’re proud to show.

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