5 Top Tips For Planning A Personalised Wedding

From the moment that you accept the romantic proposal to the second that you say “I do”, there are countless things that you need to consider and arrange, when you’re planning a wedding. To simplify the tasks, so that you can relax and enjoy writing your beautiful personalised wedding invitations to send to your family and friends, it really helps to think like a professional wedding planner.

Here are 5 top tips to make the planning of your personalised wedding an easy and fairytale experience…

  1. Nail The Budget

While it’s lovely to get lost in romantic daydreams about tying the knot in a lavish ceremony that is fit for a princess, the reality is that you have a budget to contend with.

Before you spend anything, it‘s absolutely crucial that you set a realistic wedding budget. You need to consider the cost of all of the key elements of your special day – venue, catering, bridal attire and so on – whilst also factoring in the extras that are often overlooked – like last minute dress alterations, gifts for the bridesmaids and beauty expenses.

Work out the costs involved in bringing your dream personalised wedding into reality, and keep a record of all spending in a wedding planner spreadsheet, notebook or app. Once you’ve nailed the budget, and have allocated percentages of your funds to cover specific costs, you won’t feel so stressed.

To stretch a limited budget a little further, it’s worth going all-inclusive.  Choosing a wedding reception venue that offers inclusive service packages, like catering, will save you money, time and energy. Many hotels, country manor clubs and banquet halls often include free or discounted extras to entice engaged couples to book their wedding on-site.

Although very few couples actually manage to stay on budget, if you’re diligent about recording your expenses and staying on track with wedding spending, you and your partner may well be the exception.

  1. Consider What’s Meaningful To You

Your wedding day is all about you and your partner. It should therefore be filled with happy, fun and joyous experiences that create wonderful memories, for you and your guests.

So that you can plan a magical personalised wedding, it’s important to think about what matters the most to you as a couple, and also as individuals. Consider things that you love, your passions and interests, and the vibe that you want to create. Explore a variety of topics and ideas together, and be prepared to make a few compromises, if you don’t agree with each other’s choices. Make a list of the most meaningful things and use them to create a blueprint for your perfect wedding celebration.

To personalse your wedding, make a commitment to ditch anything that doesn’t resonate with you. If your dream wedding is intimate and low-key, don’t agree to traditional formalities just because it’s what your families expect. Remember that your wedding is all about you, your love story, and the things that matter the most to you both.

  1. Share The Responsibilities

Even if you’re the most practical and organised person on the planet, it’s essential that you share the wedding planning responsibilities with your partner. Encourage them to express their views, ideas and opinions, and share out the to-do list tasks between you so that you both feel involved in the process of creating your special day.

So that there are no misunderstandings that can cause wedding day hitches and headaches, make sure that you only have one wedding planner checklist to refer to. Use it to tick off your assigned responsibilities once the shared jobs are completed. Chores like writing and sending your luxury personalised wedding invitations can be a lot more fun when you do it together.

  1. Show Off Your Style

Your personalised wedding invitations are one of the most important elements of your nuptials. Besides letting your guests know about your plans to wed, the invites also reflect your personalities, creativity and style, and set the vibe, tone and mood for the wedding of the year.

Once you have a wedding day blueprint, you can commit to a theme and colour scheme that you can tie into everything – including your wedding stationery, venue décor and flowers, wedding cake, catering and entertainment.

If you’re getting married during the peak spring/summer wedding seasons, your wedding invitation may have to compete with the many invites that are sent to your friends by other couples. To ensure that your bespoke wedding invitations stand out from the crowd, pick a style – vintage, modern, rustic or bohemian – and run with it. Design a gorgeous and luxurious invite that shows off your style, and that perfectly complements your wedding day vision, colours and theme.

  1. Keep Your Plans Secret

It’s normal to be excited about the prospect of marrying your beloved at your dream wedding, in the company of your family and friends. But getting carried away could result in you divulging the finer details of your wedding plans to your loved ones, workmates, and all and sundry.

Keeping quiet about the finer details of the day ensures that your guests can enjoy the element of surprise, and a celebration that is truly special and memorable. If you’re asked about your plans, simply smile sweetly and say: “We want to keep it a surprise, so you’ll have to wait and see!”

Your personalised wedding invitations should provide all of the information that your VIP guests need to know to make an informed decision about whether or not they will join you in your celebration.

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