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5 Reasons the NFL Regular Season Isn’t Too Short, And Why It’s Actually Just Right


A few weeks in the beginning, fans don’t get too serious. Instead, just hang around and observe the post Super Bowl moments. So many people cannot watch the games live, so they also wait for NFL live streams to watch the game live.

But that also doesn’t mean they don’t believe the duration is right. They are just playing around and trying to understand their favorite player or team’s every move.

In the past, there were times when Sundays used to consider fixed for Football. But not now because there are other games people are interested in. Basketball, Gasp, skiing, golf, rugby, and other games were being watched in those days.

People are typically enjoying their Sundays with drinks till bedtime comes. So, it’s not something you would change instantly because it depends on the people’s mood.

5 Reasons the NFL Regular Season Isn’t Too Short

If you want my opinion, I will vote “NO” to the extended times, and no surprise, people like you and others are always curious to know why they would say something like that. Isn’t it right?

Many people want to watch NFL matches today but don’t get the chance to due to unavailability, or they just can’t watch the game from the stadium live. So, they try to watch NFL games today live.

With that being said, I would like to share 5 reasons why I did that in the first place.

Because We Only Get the Least But Desire the Most

There are 16 critical weeks every season that all the National League Football club faces with pre-season and post-season.

You get only 16 regular season games in the NFL, but they play only once a week. So that being said, it shows that out of 365 days in a year, they only get 16 days of playtime. But people get 365 days in a year.

On the other hand, MLB receives 162 days, and next basketball tournaments take over 82 days every season. Another game is Hockey, which isn’t fixed by how many days it takes every year but is more than 16.

Each of these games is of such immeasurable significance that we don’t get many of them. All games, except for a couple of duds in late December and early January, are significant. Inform the Sacramento Kings and Kansas City Royals supporters of that.

We Have Allocated So Much Time for It

Let’s think about the extension for once to continue the argument. Let’s say the NFL is extended to 21 weeks a season. But what now? It’s still 31 weeks you have to say away without Football. How does that make sense if you think it’s too short?

Many of us have mixed relationships with people who are both fans and non-fans of Football. But what happens when people want to enjoy Friday Night’s poker session or some rare girl flick to cross the HD TVs at home? Still, do you want to use your TV only for Football? Nah, I don’t think so.

A brief season serves as a reminder to our family that we will be returned soon and for a longer amount of time than we are missing. Then there’s the offseason.

We Need to Find Something to Spend Time in this Offseason

Now for the last couple of years, people have had bad days and seasons without NFL because of the lockout. Also, the casual blogger who just hung around to the serious Peter King also had a bad year because it prevented all of us from the enjoyment of our regular off-season fun.

It was as entertaining as having your eyelids peeled open Clockwork Orange-style as the third round of the Northern Trust Open (a golf competition) plays.

The offseason is meticulously planned to ensure that there is always something to look forward to. The week before the Super Bowl, college All-Star games will begin.

The Combine will take place on the same site as the Super Bowl, just a few weeks later. Over the next few months, colleges will host their annual meat market Pro Days. Free agency begins in March, with hundreds of players able to switch teams.

Although everyone knows who our teams will face in the autumn about a year in advance, the day the schedule is released is virtually a holiday.

With the NFL Network airing a six-hour special on it. The draft takes place in April, followed by minicamps, a brief summer break, and then training camp starts again.

Typically, Players Get a Week, but Fans Get Months to Bye

For a now-defunct site last fall, I wrote about the Tennessee Titans. It was difficult enough to watch as Jake Locker led them to a five-yard victory over the New Orleans Saints.

It was only to be sacked on the final play. While watching NFL Game Rewind, crack for football fans, and I had to relive that sensation. I don’t want to do that more than 16 times a year.

I believe things are a bit different because everything depends on valid or spiritual logic. So, it won’t matter for a second how hard I try to make people understand with proper explanation.

Once it faces the first defeat, it just walks across the Woodland Street Bridge, and not just that, it will walk like hiking on Mount Everest. Though the offseason sometimes becomes so uneasy and like a daydream, once it works, everything will be just as dreamed of.

Do Proper Research If You Really Are an Obsessive Fan

As the title says, if you are an obsessed fan of any team, you should know everything about other teams, not just your team. Because knowing another team depends on to what extent you are obsessed with your favorite team.

That gives you February to August, which is more than enough time to enjoy your time with information and research.

Be prepared to yell at that Ravens supporter on opening day. Learn each cheerleader’s name, not to stalk them, but to alert them, by name, when a stalker approaches.

Determine where Bill Belichick has his hoodies tailored. Use Twitter to connect with other team supporters and commiserate, but never meet in person.

Final Words

Well, those were my reason; that’s why I think the NFL regular season isn’t too short. And I also think that the duration is actually just right. Now to support my consent, you can see who was at the third string waterboy.

Those Chinese characters don’t say anything about his thoughts, but they say something different. They say, “The National Football League’s regular season is very short.” Well, obviously, I don’t go with this at all.

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