5 Plants That Repel Garden Pests

They are the main enemy of our crops. Annoying visitors who, on many occasions, can complicate our lives or even ruin our harvest. A good reason for us, beyond knowing in depth what can attack our plants, to use a completely natural weapon. We are referring to using plants that repel garden pests. Some that can help us a lot! However, in some cases, the use of such natural approaches is inadequate, thus hiring a Pest Control Company is recommended.

One of the peak growing times of the year is the hot seasons. The greater presence of the sun is key for the development of a good number of garden plants. However, the increase in temperatures not only encourages the plant world. It is also essential for those insects that have remained dormant during the winter to make an appearance. An important reason to take extreme precautions when it comes to avoiding its proliferation.

It is clear that there are many ways to achieve this. But, without a doubt, the ideal is to prevent them from appearing. And, to do this, there is nothing like using plants that repel garden pests. A completely natural way to prevent them from damaging our crops. Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to know what the particular powers of each type of plant are and even choose them according to the crops in our garden.

Tagetes, one of the most used plants that repel garden pests

It is, without a doubt, the benchmark when it comes to plants that repel garden pests. Also called Indian carnation, tagetes are an extremely interesting plant. On the one hand, because they are perennial we won’t have to worry about replanting season after season. On the other hand, because its repellent power goes beyond what is apparent.

Mint, an ideal option against aphids

Mint is, without a doubt, one of the most complete aromatic plants that exist. It is one of the first we think of when considering how to grow aromatic herbs at home. And it is logical: it is perfect for seasoning a good number of dishes or even for treating ourselves like making ice cubes with aromatic plants in summer to enrich our drinks. But mint is not only ideal for its flavors. Additionally, its aromas are true allies for being one of the insect-repellent plants both in the garden and in the orchard.

Calendula, another of the plants that repel essential garden pests

One of the plants with the most tradition in history. For the ancient Egyptians, it was considered a miraculous plant for its many applications as a natural remedy. But, even more than its use, calendula has another aspect that makes you fall in love: it is an incredibly striking plant.

Rosemary, a perfect aromatic

It is one of those plants that we could say takes care of itself. It is resistant to drought, undemanding to the type of soil, and is not usually affected by pests. As if all this were not enough, rosemary is a wonderful aromatic plant with which to give personality to our dishes.

Can you ask for more?

Well, since that is said, what better than, in addition, being one of the plants that repel garden pests? What’s more: if we consider when and how to plant carrots successfully, it doesn’t hurt to plant a rosemary nearby. It will be thanks to it that we will be able to avoid the carrot butterfly: a voracious insect that settles in our crop until it is destroyed. But there is another reason to include it in our green space: if we are wondering how to attract pollinating insects, rosemary can be of great help.

Salvia officinalis, a good companion for rosemary

Although it is one of the aromatic plants with the least tradition in our country, the truth is that it has gained popularity in recent years. The reasons: are its characteristic refreshing flavor, and its good number of therapeutic virtues. As a natural repellent, it also has a wide range of uses. It is effective against whiteflies, carrot flies, and moths. But be careful: it is also effective against slugs, one of the greatest enemies of the garden.


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