11 tips for growing your TikTok account

Do you want to increase your TikTok following? Would you want to learn how to increase your views and followers? You will learn how to quicken the expansion of your TikTok account in this article.

#1: Upload four to eight times a day

On TikTok, you should publish four to eight times each day. Consistent posting gives you a great chance to interact with a variety of readers, which will hasten the growth of your account.

Make sure have your videos saved to provide a variety of TikTok content every day. On occasion, you could instruct your audience on a skill pertaining to your area of expertise.

In other situations, you could simply be funny. You could dance if you’re excellent at it. It is totally up to you to decide which best suits your preferences, target market, and objectives.

Your daily videos should all have the same objective, which is to draw viewers back to you, even if they are quite diverse.

#2: Use the new TikTok features often.

As new TikTok features are released, make use of them. (This applies to all social media platforms.)

Utilizing new features can increase the popularity of your TikTok video and provide you the chance to engage with additional users.

#3: Follow TikTok trends.

Any trends you see on the For You page should be noted. When you browse the videos on the For You tab and repeatedly see the same material, you know it’s a hit.

Why not participate if everyone is doing it and it is popular? The frenzy may either be adopted or customized for your target audience.

Pro tip: If you want to add your own flare, modify the conclusion. You need to offer viewers a reason to keep watching your TikTok videos if you want them to become well-known.

One method to achieve this is to add your own special touch to a trend’s conclusion.

#4: Start Your Own TikTok Trend

Making your own dance, music, or other trends that appeal to you is another possibility on TikTok.

It is anticipated that others would imitate your example.

If you’re fortunate enough to attract well-known artists, it might lead to millions of individuals embracing the trend and tagging you. Then, overnight, you become well-known on TikTok.

#5: Post TikTok Live videos consistently

Accounts with at least 1,000 followers may use TikTok Live. Go live every day if you have access to it.

You may engage with the TikTok community in real time via live streaming.

Conversations back and forth with viewers are possible, which is not possible with conventional videos.

#6: Start a TikTok video series

Make a series of TikTok videos that speak to your target market and are pertinent to your area of expertise.

If you’re an expert organizer, your opening 15-second video might instruct viewers on how to organize their houses.

You’ll give viewers a cause to check back the following day to see the second video by making it the first in a series.

Additionally, if someone views the third video first, they will have a motive to watch parts 1 and 2 later on. They’re binge watching, thus you’ve got a new fan.

To let viewers know they should come back the following day to see the other videos in the series, it’s a fantastic idea to make it apparent that each video is the first, second, third, and so on in a series.

#7: Create Stitchable Content

TikTok material should be developed to be sewn. What does it really matter? A contributor takes a little portion of the information you’ve produced and adds their addition at the end of it.

In one of my TikTok videos, I pose the challenge, “Tell me you’re a small company owner without telling me you’re a small business owner.”

The first part of my video will then be recorded, modified, and enhanced with information from another source. Their TikTok page will then display the fresh video.

Their followers will be able to click on your name in the video in addition to your material.

From a single little video, you may get a sizable number of new followers if those viewers choose to visit your page.

#8: Put the right TikTok hashtags to use

The right TikTok hashtags must be chosen for your particular video and intended demographic.

Use hashtags with 300,000 to 1 million views instead of hashtags with billions of views, which can cause your content to disappear.

#9: Well-known duet videos

Sing a duet to a popular TikTok video. People like seeing the responses to popular videos. I’ve used it in the past to win over new fans.

#10: You may reuse TikTok material on Facebook and Instagram

Utilize your TikTok videos on many networks, such as Facebook and Instagram Reels.

If people have previously seen and liked your videos, they are more likely to find you on TikTok. Most likely, you’ll get more viewers and follows.

#11: Request Assistance from a Second Person for Your TikTok Video

Even if the additional character in your TikTok video does nothing but stand still for the bulk of the clip, the tension may be increased.

People will keep looking on and waiting for them to do action. They’ll stay up until the very end if they’re interested to find out.


TikTok is a fantastic platform for expanding your internet audience. Despite the fact that it could be simpler to use than other platforms, strategy is still necessary.

You may increase the number of views on your videos and hasten the development of your account by using these 11 suggestions.

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