A Brighter Future for Women and Hospitality: Brianne Harvey’s Vision

Female hospitality entrepreneur Brianne Harvey’s digital community, Restaurant Resource, can be the restaurant’s industry’s new engine for growth.

It allows restaurants to source quality suppliers–for free. This can mean a brighter future for restaurants, and Women in hospitality as well.

Restaurant Resource paired with Break Bread Consulting is Brianne’s way of making quality suppliers accessible to everyone…

while consulting and helping restaurants build systems with the perfect solution and suppliers to help them succeed.

What does this mean for women? Well if female restaurant owners need help to grow and expand, Brianne’s the go to girl. For the rest, she acts as a role model women need

Brianne hopes her story can inspire many women to take charge of their career in hospitality, or anything they want

As she did it even with building her own family, and raising her newborn daughter.

When asked what made her choose this path when she could have gone into other professions, 

She said she feels alive being in restaurants, serving people good food and letting them enjoy a good time. She wants to help restaurants grow so more people can share those delicious memories.

After trying every position one can think of in the restaurant industry, she found her calling in technology

Surprisingly, Brianne was actually like every other normal kid. She tries her best in school, while participating in sports year round, or learning the piano. 

Her vision is to make Restaurant Resource the global hub for all things restaurant related.

This is her wanting to give back to the community she loves, after seeing it go through so much since 2019. She saw that restaurant owners were losing too much, and so many of her favorite restaurants had to close down.

She even plans to raise funds for non-profits in the space and set up scholarship funds for young women going into tech and hospitality.

Whatever she is doing, she wants to become the best role model for her daughter growing up.

She want to show her that she can be whatever she want, just like everyone can

Therefore if someone follows her LinkedIn, they can see that she’s walking the walk and actually doing the things she set out to do – innovating, impacting and inspiring others. 


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